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Advantages of Using an Acumatica ERP Payment System

Advantages of Using an Acumatica ERP Payment System

How to Save Time and Money by Adopting an Acumatica ERP Payment System

Saving time and money with business systems integration is a common theme in business news. Savings can easily be accomplished with an integrated ERP payment system. This blog will provide a detailed look into the essential features of integrated Acumatica credit card processing that enable you to achieve those savings. 

How to Save Money

Companies can reduce costs and accelerate growth by using an Acumatica integrated payment provider like Paya. With pass-through, cost plus, or tiered pricing options, businesses can find the ideal pricing structure.

Another way to save money is by utilizing Level 2 and 3 payment processing. Acumatica payments enabled by Paya are automatically Level 2 and 3 capable. This means your system will automatically capture the detailed data you need to include in your transaction to qualify for these low rates.

Paya also helps improve the company's cash flow. Getting paid faster is easier when you can email invoices to your buyers or send them payment reminders of impending recurring payments. Paya offers rapid batch processing and next-day funding to accelerate cash flow and keep account receivables manageable.

How to Save Time

Certified by Acumatica, Paya is a fully-integrated preferred payments and business solutions provider, offering technologies and integrations that provide simple, secure solutions to all business types. Your team will gain several efficiencies enabled by an Acumatica-integrated payment solution. For example:

  • Fully integrated with Acumatica, PCI compliant to store tokenized data allowing further processing of voids/refunds.
  • E-mail links available in:
    • AR Invoice
    • SO Invoice
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Quotes
  • Integrated with 1Retail Point of Sale 
  • Physical terminal integration for card present
  • Multiple MIDs and multiple processing centers supported
  • PDFs of documents from Acumatica are available in Portal
  • Customer sync for adds/deletes/changes

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers equal repeat shoppers that actively recommend your company to friends and family. Paya designed several features and functions for your Acumatica payment solution just for your customers.

For instance, your customers can choose their preference from multiple payment options, including: 

  • Credit, debit, and ACH payments
  • Self-Service Customer Portal 
  • Click2Pay

Your customers get access to a portal where they can make payments, view invoices, and click to pay.

Start Saving with Help from Paya's Integrated Payment Experts

Paya is the leader in delivering simpler, more efficient, and deeply integrated payment solutions with more than 25 years of industry experience and 2,000+ industry customers and partners. Paya is committed to delivering best-in-class integrated payment solutions across the full suite of Sage ERP products. We are proud to be Sage’s preferred partner for Integrated Payments in the US.   

At Paya we are unique from our competitors because we emphasize solutions engineering, engaging our domain experts as part of the early sales process. Through a collaborative but simple hands-on process, we develop a deep understanding of our partners’ current processes and pain points and requirements to ensure you get a platform and system with the capabilities you need. Paya has enabled businesses to optimize billing and invoice processes, deliver more payment options and flexibility to their customers, and improve back-office efficiencies.

Contact Paya's Acumatica Integrated Payments team to schedule a free consultation today! 

Learn more about how our credit card processing experts, solutions, and processes can benefit your organization and save you money!! 

Learn More!

See Paya's Acumatica Integrated Payments solution on ERPVAR's site. 

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