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Why Switch to a Modern Food Distribution ERP Software?

Why Switch to a Modern Food Distribution ERP Software?

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Food Distribution ERP Software

What kind of businesses rely on food distribution ERP software? These are the distributors that deliver perishable and non-perishable supplies from the food manufacturer to facilities that serve or sell food to consumers. This includes grocery stores, restaurants, caterers and healthcare facilities like hospitals or nursing homes. It’s a competitive market with tight profit margins. Therefore, it’s critical to find ways to increase productivity and lower costs.

Top 15 challenges with an outdated system

In a previous blog, we described the challenges with running outdated food distribution ERP software. Read this blog for more details Top 10 Challenges of Using Outdated Foodservice Inventory Software. Since this blog was written, we added 5 more to the list:

  1. Double entry with non-integrated systems
  2. Outdated systems
  3. Too many resources spent to get the job done
  4. Complex inventory management
  5. Variable demand
  6. Managing food and beverage safety
  7. Poor traceability
  8. Expensive compliance
  9. Recalls
  10. Lack of integration
  11. Ineffective workflows and processes
  12. Expensive investments in technology
  13. Low profitability
  14. Managing Catch Weight calculations
  15. Route Optimization and Tracking

Top 5 reasons to upgrade to modern ERP software for food distribution

Upgrade to a modern and affordable food distribution solution and benefit from the following:

  1. Order entry - Streamline the order process with an Order Entry screen that contains all the information necessary for anyone speaking to a buyer, chef, etc. to make the sale within a single screen
  2. Historical information – Without digging around, you have complete customer information including a customer aging summary with the ability to drill down into invoices
  3. Detailed order information – Get detailed order information including the total quantity, weight price, cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage
  4. Item information – Easily and quickly access information like quantity available, last sales quantity, price and date, current price, average cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage
  5. Pricing data – This functionality covers the current price, last sale price, contract price (with the ability to add any new price to the contract price), or manually updated price by gross profit percentage.

Contact our AKA Consulting ERP and foodservice consulting, implementation and training experts. At AKA Consulting, we support Prime, Dakota WMS embeded in Acumatica because it’s robust, easy-to-use, modern and affordable. Optimize your food distribution inventory management with advanced business information and built-in dashboards. Prime’s native integration to Acumatica manage the entire business from a single view. Prime and Dakota WMS builds on the industry leading cloud ERP platform of Acumatica to address the unique needs of food distributors.

The solution: A modern foodservice solution with Acumatica, Prime and Dakota WMS

  • Acumatica harnesses the advantages of the Cloud, giving even small to mid-size firms all the computing power they need without having to pay the high entry costs of hardware and infrastructure.
  • Prime FoodService Software interfaces with the leading cloud ERP Acumatica and foodservice warehouse management solution Dakota WMS. Prime is a complete food distribution ERP software that will help streamline inventory, quickly create orders, and improve customer communications.
  • Dakota WMS by BFC provides advanced selection and WMS tools with voice command or scanning. The built-in production control module makes Dakota WMS’ solution fully FSMA compliant. The Acumatica, Dakota WMS and Prime combination is an end-to-end solution.

Watch this 2-minute video for a short summary of Prime’s capabilities:



Ask how AKA Consulting can help! AKA is experienced in helping the unique requirements of foodservice distributors. We offer a thorough needs analysis and in-depth training to ensure a successful implementation.

Download this free whitepaper to get started measuring KPI's:

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Since 1995, AKA Consulting has established an outstanding reputation in the New York City Metro and Tri-State area for first-class implementation of business management systems, innovative and flexible custom software development and an unbeatable dedication to customer service. AKA offers a wide array of services and solutions to manufacturers, wholesale, distributors, importers and exporters.

AKA Consulting can be reached at 888-351-8355 or contact us.

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