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10 Ways to Simplify Your Business Life with Connected Software Systems

Written by George Mackiewicz on Thu, Jul 27, 2017

Disconnected systems.jpgRemember when life was simpler? You may have started out in business with a sharp pencil and a boatload of ideas. Realistically, let’s say you started out with basic software systems and added to them as your company grew and needs changed. Now you find yourself the proud owner of several software systems, each designed for a specific need. But do they play well together? Do they make your life simpler or more frustrating? The latter can easily happen if your various software systems are disconnected.

We find that many of our clients use multiple systems: one for invoicing, one for projects, another for shipping and still another for CRM. Is this true for your business too?

Ideally, all of your systems are integrated and data passes easily from one to another. If that is not the case you may be finding that you have silos of information in one system that then need to be entered manually into another system in order for you to get the benefit of your data. That manual and duplicated data entry is sure to involve more time and resources and make your business life more complicated. That’s just one of the drawbacks to having disconnected software systems.

We’ve identified 10 more reasons why disconnected software systems make your life more difficult:

1. Duplicating data entry is a waste of time and may results in copying errors.
2. It can be difficult to locate complete information quickly when you need it.
3. Different systems could generate different variations of the same data so you are not sure what to believe.
4. When you import information, if it doesn't sync you have to stop what you are doing and fix it immediately or you can no longer trust your data.
5. Interfaces between systems running in the background tie up computer bandwidth and slow everything down.
6. Data cannot be synced or refreshed in real time. Reports may be outdated before they can be read.
7. If information is not available and shared with team members who need it, work may come to a standstill while it is being located.
8. Multiple software solutions with multiple user interfaces means more training will be necessary, especially for new employees.
9. Your various systems might be on different upgrade cycles.
10. Maintenance costs for older systems can be high and often support is no longer available.

You see the problem. Here’s the solution: Acumatica. Acumatica is an integrated system that combines financials, CRM, sales systems, order entry, inventory, purchasing, field service, project accounting all in the same interface and all connected.

Acumatica’s unique pricing allows for unlimited user licenses, which means team members in all departments will have access to all the data they need, inside one core system. And it works on your team’s mobile devices as well.

When all of your systems are integrated, your data is more reliable and hence more valuable. You save time and make your life easier. Who doesn’t want that?
We encourage you to evaluate Acumatica ERP and see how it can simplify your business life. Contact us at CAL Business Solutions 860-485-0910 x4 or

By George Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions,

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