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4 Ways to Unlock Business Potential with Acumatica

4 Ways to Unlock Business Potential with Acumatica

Acumatica_ERP_consultants_Southeast.jpg4 Ways Acumatica Can Help Your Business Thrive

Accessibility has to be a primary consideration for business management solutions in today’s mobile commercial environment. Acumatica is a web-based ERP solution built for accessibility, while offering a choice of hosting options (host on your own in-house servers or on the Internet), giving you total control over where your data resides.

Acumatica: Accessibility, Scalability and More

Boasting robustly integrated business, financial, and customer relationship management functionality, Acumatica can be accessed via browser from any type of device and is horizontally positioned, making it suitable for any industry.

Flexible and scalable, Acumatica is one of the few ERP solutions that’s practical for any size of business, from small, highly specialized firms to global conglomerates with business units in many countries, operating in many currencies.

That’s a lot of “anys” and “manys”, but if you’re looking for a solution that will help your business to thrive, here are just four of the most important reasons Acumatica should be on your software shortlist.

1. Business Process Automation and Centralization: While suitable for businesses of all sizes, Acumatica offers true enterprise-class functionality, with a full suite of integrated applications including document management. Offering a single point of data input and storage for all business functions, Acumatica’s authorization and access controls puts you in control of who can or can’t edit, view, delete or approve system information.

2. Everyone’s an Acumatica User: because of its browser-based user interface, you can enable access to Acumatica for anyone, including non-operational stakeholders and customers. Priced by server, not by the number of users, accessibility doesn’t come at extra cost to your business. Some examples of how this accessibility model can benefit your business include:

•    You can grant access for stakeholders to view dashboards and reports
•    You can provide short-term access to your business systems (for temporary workers, for example)
•    All employees can enter expenses and similar data directly, instead of having to use spreadsheets and forms

3. Customizable On-the-Fly: Many ERP solutions require users to seek the help of application consultants when customization is necessary. With Acumatica, individuals can easily use built-in tools to tailor applications to suit their needs, limited only by centrally controlled authorization limits.
Even better, this customization can be performed from right within users’ web browsers. System administration, authorization control, auditing, and workflow management are all made easy too, so your solution and process performance won’t be reliant on technical specialists.

4. A Solution that Fits Right In: Acumatica fits right in with the way your company works. Your users can sign in and work from any operating system and device via their web browsers. If you need new custom applications, they can be built by any software developer using Microsoft Visual Studio. Meanwhile, Acumatica’s own Studio feature can be used to customize existing solution applications.

Unlock Your Business’ Potential with Acumatica

With so many ERP solutions available today, finding the right system for your business can be easier said than done. Few solutions are suitable for every vertical and fewer still are easy to scale as businesses grow (or downsize when times are hard). Acumatica addresses these problems with its web-based flexibility, realistic pricing structure, and its design for usability.

Southeast Computer Solutions is proud to include Acumatica among the solutions we work with. To learn how we can help you evaluate its potential as your ERP and CRM solution, please take some time to visit our website to learn more about Acumatica and how we’re able to serve your ERP needs.

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