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How to Improve Business Cost Efficiency with Acumatica

Acumatica_ERP_consultant.jpgHow Acumatica Drives IT Cost Efficiency

Get your margins up, drive your expenses down. That’s a simple formula for business success, right? But it doesn’t matter how simple a formula is. The reality of following it can sometimes be fraught with complexity.

Without a business management solution combining functional applications with a centralized data repository, identifying cost efficiency improvements and expense-reduction opportunities can be next to impossible for all but the most simplistic operations.

Acumatica is one such solution, helping to improve productivity by providing visibility and automated process management—advantages which in turn drive cost efficiency. Just as importantly though, Acumatica is in itself, a cost efficient solution.

Prioritize Accessibility when Choosing an ERP Solution

If your business is like most others, your managers and employees don’t sit at workstations all day, every day. The world of commerce has gone mobile and your business IT must support a workforce on the move. This is one of the features separating Acumatica from other business management solutions—the fact that it’s web-based.
Despite this key advantage of being accessible via any web browser, on any device, Acumatica is no less a fully featured, complete management solution, integrating customer relationship management, business process, and financial management into a single platform.

Not All Web-Based Applications Rob You of Control

o. YLest the thought of putting your data in the hands of an Internet host scares you silly, Acumatica offers multiple deployment models, all offering the same usability advantages. If you prefer to host the solution on your own servers, you can do sour workforce will still enjoy the same in-browser experience on their laptops, tablets and smartphones.
If you’re less sensitive about letting go of control, Acumatica can be hosted on any cloud or Windows hosting plan, from any hosting provider. If you want to later change your method of deployment, you can. There are no tie-ins hampering your ability to choose the most cost-efficient deployment option.

No Client Software Costs

Acumatica uses no client software, because it’s browser-based. That makes it inexpensive to add new users when needed, even if they are external to your organization or you want your employees to work from home.

For that reason, Acumatica can the perfect IT answer for virtual organizations, providing the power of an ERP platform without the need for an office-based infrastructure. Similarly, for an enterprise with offices and premises in multiple countries, Acumatica puts everyone together on a single system, regardless of the number and location of business units and users.

Standard Platform Compatibility

Another of Acumatica’s cost efficient features is its design. Built to run on standard platforms, Acumatica uses popular development tools like SQL server, Microsoft.NET and Visual Studio. When you need some customization work on your system, you’ll be able to access the talent you need, without paying a premium for proprietary technology experts.

Many Businesses, One Ideal Solution

At Southeast Computer Solutions, we help our customers to find the right business management solution. Despite the fact that every business is unique and we work with multiple solutions, the result of extensive evaluation often falls unquestionably in favor of Acumatica.

To see how Southeast Computer Solutions has helped organizations enjoy success with business IT, please take a look at some of the case studies on our website. If you’d like to talk to us about your IT needs, just give us a call at 305-556-4697.

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