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4 Ways Dynamics NAV 2017 Cash Flow Forecast Helps Increase Profits

Dynamics NAV 2017 Cash Flow Forecast

Every business understands the challenge of having enough cash flow at certain points in their growth path. In a competitive environment, it’s important to know what to expect with cash flow to make decisions intelligently. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Cash Flow Forecast is a great tool to understand your cash flow forecast and can look ahead to predict the highs and lows in your cash balance. Improved management of cash flow helps improve your margins and ensure profitability. Cash Flow Forecast provides a prediction of how a company’s liquidity such as cash and other treasure positions will evolve over time.

Forecasting Consists of Two Main Measurements:

  1. Cash Receipts: The money you expect to receive and the cash you expect to pay out
  2. Cash Disbursements: Plus the liquid funds you have available

When you have a clear picture of cash receipts and cash disbursements, you get a direct cash flow forecast. You can also create a basic cash flow forecasting module that is easily extended or adjusted as necessary. The Cash Flow Forecast features is set for a particular time that you easily define. It’s takes data from your financial data sources such as the General Ledger, Purchasing,Sales, Service, and Fixed Assets and works it into a clear forecast that is easy to understand.

The wizard provided in NAV helps you complete most of your tasks, and take advantage of automatic daily or weekly data updates. In addition, more data sources are supported in NAV 2017, including jobs and tax data.

4 Dynamics NAV 2017 Cash Flow Forecast Benefits

  1. Easy to Get Started: Use the new wizard to complete the initial set up in just a few clicks, and extend your settings later, as required
  2. Simple to Use and Understand: Register manual expenses and revenue easily
  3. Complete Overview of Finances: React proactively using a complete picture of your cash flow and of how liquidity is expected to evolve in the future
  4. Eliminate Manual Processes: Schedule the cash flow forecast to be calculated automatically

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. An Accelos and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner in Pennsylvania

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As experienced SCM, WMS and ERP consultants and value added resellers (VARs), we provide start to finish services for the solutions we represent Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Distribution and Manufacturing, Accellos Warehouse Management System (WMS), Server virtualization, open source VOIP phone systems and infrastructure and security. We provide services that cover process analysis, implementation, training, security and networking. Naturally, we also provide full ongoing support for years after implementation to help our clients succeed. We are your one stop shop for your business technology needs.

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Another version of this article was previously posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. on March 22, 2017 - Dynamics NAV 2017 Feature Highlight – Cash Flow Forecast 


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