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5 Reasons Customers Move Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud

5 Reasons Customers Move Microsoft Dynamics GP to the Cloud

Why Host Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud?

If you're considering a new accounting system, it’s very likely that you'll consider the advantages of moving to a Cloud solution option. As Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants, we see a trend with more of our new and current Dynamics GP customers moving to the Cloud. There are several advantages outlined in this article that cover the top 5 reasons the Cloud is a preferred solution for many growing companies. You have the robust functionality of Dynamics GP, such as financial reporting, imports and integration, ACH capabilities and Fixed Assets. It’s the best of both worlds with the full capabilities offered with the robust solution Dynamics GP offers in a cost-effective SaaS or Cloud environment.

5 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

  1. Minimized Initial Investment - Lower startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.
  2. Means to Deploy Faster and Realize ROI Sooner - Faster deployment options enable organizations to begin realizing the business benefits earlier, resulting in a rapid payback and a greater return on investment.
  3. Reduced Dependence on Internal IT Resources -  Enable your internal IT staff so they can focus on other tasks that provide more value to your organization.
  4. Increased Business Agility -  With a Microsoft SaaS solution, you can scale as needed and make changes on demand. Whether it is as simple as adding a new user to your system or adding another line of business regionally or globally, the Microsoft Cloud can help you quickly meet your business's growth objectives.
  5. Ability to Deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP in Your Industry - Dynamics GP allows management to get a better grasp with financial reporting and integration with other systems.

View the latest Microsoft software today. Microsoft Dynamics tools drive insights that help you and your team make forward-thinking decisions for better business results. Plus, you get the local support provided by Accountnet, whose solution specialists with industry expertise help you price, implement, and scale your system over time, for maximum performance and efficiency.

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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Accountnet helps companies get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics. We don’t just install and configure the software – we train your accounting staff to use it to create the reports they need, so they can analyze data as needed. Our solutions give both technical and non-technical employees the information they need to do their jobs well — wherever they are, in whatever application they choose to use. Take the next step towards growth with Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud or on your servers—the choice is yours. Contact us at Accountnet to learn more.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Needs Assessment

If your growing business need more functionality and it’s costing you too much to run your current system, contact us. Learn how other organizations have used Microsoft Dynamics GP to lower IT costs. Contact Accountnet, Inc., 212-Dynamics or 212-244-9009. John Peace is happy to discuss how Microsoft Dynamics can help your organization beyond tomorrow.

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