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5 Tips by Janitorial Supply Software ERP Consultants for Better Inventory Control

5 Tips by Janitorial Supply Software ERP Consultants for Better Inventory Control

5 Steps for Better Inventory Accuracy - 5 Tips from a Janitorial Supply Software Consultant

Our ERP consultants have over the past 20 years working with janitorial and sanitary supply companies and other distribution and light manufacturing companies.  If you are a growing distributor of janitor cleaning products and supplies, we hope this blog helps you get started with greater inventory control.  Here are a few tips that will hopefully help since a very popular question is  - How do I get started?  Whether you have janitorial supply software that fits the unique requirements of your industry or not, let's start the conversation with these 5 points. 

5 Ways to Improve Inventory Accuracy

1.  Understanding the Problem.

2.  Record All Material Movement.

3.  Put Your Best People in Receiving and Stocking.

  • Receivers must be able to properly identify products as they are received
  • Stocking People Must Know Where Material Should be Stored

4.    Consider Bar Coding.

  • Verifying that the correct item is being picked or put away
  • Instant Updates of Computer Records
  • Elimination of Many “Keying” Errors

5.    Cycle Count Your Products on a Regular Basis.

  • Usually anyone with a pulse is drafted to count inventory during the physical
  • Workers do not enjoy the physical count process
  • There is a tremendous time pressure to finish the count
  • Random Selection
  • Geographic Selection
  • Rank Based Selection
  • Set up a cycle count schedule for the entire year
  • Determine an acceptable level for count accuracy

Our ERP consulting team at Optimize Our Inventory works as manufacturers and distributors.  Our consulting firm draws on the experience to help growing distributors and light manufacturers improve their supply chain management.    Let's start the conversation and let us help you!

Contact us to learn how your business could benefit from implementing an inventory control solution to improve inventory accuracy, simplify work processes, and save valuable time and money.

Learn how to improve customer service, customer loyalty and thereby increasing your revenue with an integrated industry specific system. By implementing a system that provides direct integration, the office staff can continue to use the accounting system and are often able to process inventory transactions in an easy to use integrated system.

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About Optimize Our Inventory

Established in 1988 and Headquartered in Orange County CA, Optimize Our Inventory is a division of aimINSIGHT Solutions, Inc. Our Vision is to serve the mid-sized Janitorial and Sanitary Supply and Distribution companies as well as a wide range of other Wholesale Distribution companies. We specialize in addressing and Bridging the Gap in technology. The goal of providing a single invoice, single shipment from multiple suppliers sources and multiple locations challenges that most Janitorial Distributors face. Our team of consultants will visit you onsite and design the solution that fits your unique budget and challenges. We have worked with most of the off the shelf software available today. Our software solution and technology consulting is designed to “Bridge the Gap” that you face. 

Another version of this blog was published on Jan. 20, 2017 on Optimize Our Inventory's blog - Janitorial Supply Software - 5 Steps to Get Accurate Inventory

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