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8 ERP Reporting Benefits of Ad-Hoc Query and  Analysis

8 ERP Reporting Benefits of Ad-Hoc Query and Analysis

ERP_Reporting_and_Power_BI.pngIn order to translate all the data and information available in your business to make informed decisions and have access to data that helps with forward thinking insight, growing businesses need robust analytic tools.  This insight is essential to make smart decisions to change the direction of a negative trend or take advantage of a positive trend. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers business owners and managers simple but powerful analysis and report¬ing tools that are intuitive enough to be created and modified on the fly. This puts power in the hands of the decision makers to dig into the data and enable this kind detailed and high level of business intelligence of past and current activities and trends. Here are many examples of Ad-Hoc Query and Analysis Business Intelligence features in Dynamics NAV include the following benefits to help increase decision making power.

8 ERP Reporting Benefits of Ad-Hoc and Analysis Business Intelligence  

1. Account schedules

Analyze data from the General Ledger, Sales and Purchase, and Inventory. Compare data to budgets across time, departments, projects, campaigns, and other dimensions. The easily defined line and column layout provides users with a comprehensive and tabu¬lar form of analysis. Results can be presented in print, in a window from which users can easily navigate to original entries and documents, and/or in Microsoft Office Excel for further processing.

2. Analysis views

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business and its activities with this multilevel and multidimen¬sional business insight capability. Create analysis views for different purposes. For example, users can see an analysis view relating to sales in a particular area for a particular time period and for a particular group of customers. The views can easily be sent to Microsoft Office Excel, where the automatic creation of relevant PivotTable® views enables users to drag fields and use additional measures, dimensions and criteria.

3. Power BI

Power BI for Office 365, a self-service business intelligence solution delivered through Excel and Office 365. Use OData and Queries in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for easy integration into Microsoft Excel for leveraging the tools in the PowerBI suite like PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerMaps and

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 you can connect to your instance of NAV and and get immediately access to a business performance Dashboard with insights into your business. The new Content Pack for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed specifically for SMB owners, managers and executives to provide details on customers, sales and finance.

The dashboard and reports are built on top of a fully featured model, allowing you to explore and analyze your data as you need. Automatic refresh will ensure you’re always seeing the latest data.

4. Jet Reports Express

Through easier ad-hoc reporting, you can get the answers you need to questions about your business – from finance and sales queries to key performance metrics. Use the intuitive interface of Jet Reports Express and simple formulas in Microsoft Office Excel to create high-impact reports. Take advantage of the multiple report templates available out of the box and present your findings in a single, well-formatted report.

5. Table Builder

Answer and analyze ad-hoc business queries quickly and accurately in Microsoft Office Excel with real time data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV by using Table Builder. Access and combine all the data you need from your business system – including tables, fields, flow fields and dimensions. Slice and dice data and consolidate information and analysis across companies or databases. With just one click, you can drill down into any value in a report to see the underlying data.

6. General Ledger function

Allows you to report from all areas of their general ledger and do Financial reporting within a familiar and flexible environment.

7. Report Player

You can also use the Report Player to get fast access to your reports in Microsoft Office Excel as well as get a quick overview of progress or latest’s update right on your desktop. Go to the Windows 8 app store to download the app.

8. Other benefits...

  • Now MANAGEMENT CAN track consolidated profit and loss by division and company.
  • Now FINANCE CAN stay on top of account receivables KPI’s in terms of days outstanding, past collection performance and more.
  • Now SALES CAN easily build product sheets that pull current pricing and specifications, and instantly update and release important changes.

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Another version of this article was posted on iCepts Blog  on April 7, 2016 by gmiles Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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