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ERP Consultant Reviews: Getting the Best ERP Advice

ERP Consultant Reviews: Getting the Best ERP Advice

ERP consultant software advice As ERP consultants, it is our mission to keep up with available ERP solutions so we can help our clients find the best fit for their unique business requirements. Our clients who are reviewing ERP options turn to us to weed through all the ERP software options. In this modern information age, we enjoy the privilege of having access to virtually any piece of knowledge that we desire via the internet. However, when it comes to ERP software selection, this vast amount of information quickly turns into confusion. The main challenge with the internet is trusting the information and figuring out what is accurate information and what is misinformation. Over time as more and more users have come online, there  is an ever increasing amount of information on any given subject that tends to saturate if not overwhelm a person looking for a simple solution to a question or a problem.

Despite all the information available online, most clients shopping for ERP software tend to rely on the human connection not the internet for a big part of their decision making process. If you are in the market for ERP software, the internet is a great resource but you’ll be in good hands once you find an experienced and trusted ERP consultant to help with your evaluation. 

The internet is an excellent resource providing access to information and social connections and the freedom of expression. For someone looking into ERP software options, information online can be tainted with those providing the information placing spin on the knowledge they share usually leaning in one non-objective direction. The onus then shifts to the shopper of information, the knowledge seeker, to find sources of knowledge and solutions from those in our networks that we perceive as experts in their field and those that we can trust. Sometimes the best way to do that is to simply ask one of these people for some friendly advice. We have all had to call on friends, family, or colleagues to share their experiences in the solutions they have found for similar challenges.

So why should asking for help for your enterprise technology and inefficiency challenges in your organization be any different? One of the largest barriers for executives in taking on a project to improve a company’s ability to implement ERP software is an overload of information and misinformation, the perceived sheer scope and associated cost of technology, and will it provide a return on investment for the particular way they operate their enterprise at the end of the day. These are all valid questions and concerns. Try entering the search ERP into Google and see what happens. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reach out to get some friendly, experienced, and unbiased advice to your questions regarding your business practices and how to solve your enterprise challenges to help you drive revenues and efficiencies forward?

At Essential Software Solutions, Inc. (ESS), our ERP consultant team consists of a wealth of industry experience offering a wide range of ERP solutions for 35 years that are tailored to suit your specific challenge. We are available to meet with you and review your requirements and help you make the best ERP software selection. Our ERP consulting experts provide hands on advice.  We help you find solutions for you in a language that you can understand in your particular industry specifically in distribution and process manufacturing. There are times when organizations cannot be helped with ESS’ specific expertise and focus that need to be referred to a firm that can; but you can rest assured you will get an answer you can trust. Instead of trying to navigate the sea of ERP information overload via your search engine, contact Essential Software Solutions and get a solution from the experts. Give us a call today to get started on getting the ERP software advice you need – 800-661-4456.

We are a strategic value added reseller of Infor SyteLine ERP solutions focused on discrete / hybrid manufacturing therefore, if you are a mid / large sized company that is welding / fabricating / engineering and or any type of industrial manufacturing, then we are your perfect partner. In addition, we are focused on Infor Service Management and work with companies focused on Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs / Oil & Gas Service Rigs / Rentals / Installations / Inspection Services / HVAC / and many others.

Service Management Customers will benefit by?

  • High service costs can be reduced, i.e. by integrating the service and products supply chain.
  • Inventory levels of service parts can be reduced and therefore reduce total inventory costs.
  • Customer service or parts/service quality can be optimized.
  • Increasing  service revenue.
  • Reduce obsolescence costs of service parts through improved forecasting.
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • Reduce expediting costs - with optimized service parts inventory, there is no need to rush orders to customers.
  • Minimize technician visits - if they have the right part in hand, they can fix the problem on the first visit

One of our key differentiators other than being around for the past 35 years is the experience and expertise our people bring to the table. Not only is our internal retention rate strong – but it’s our true understanding of manufacturing that makes us stand out from the competition. Two of our ESS mfg. consultants have earned the CFPIM designation, (Certified Fellowship in Production and Inventory Management) from APICS and are APICS Certified Instructors. Less than 3% of men and women who earn a CPIM designation worldwide qualify for the "Fellowship" designation. They regularly present at these meetings, as well as continue to lecture the accredited APICS courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, (BCIT).  The ESS Implementation Team is first and foremost focused on manufacturing, operations, inventory management and distribution, leveraging proven technology and processes to make our customers more competitive and profitable.

By Ron Hepting - Essential Software Solutions, Inc.

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