ERP VAR is proud to share the success they had with Thursday's hosted webcast with 5 leading Sage 100 ERP integrated supply chain solution providers; Scanco, SPS Commerce, SWK Technologies, Inc., V-Technologies, LLC and Website Pipeline. This webcast was well received with over 230 Sage 100 ERP customers and resellers who registered. If you missed it, you can see the recording below to learn more about this first of a kind presentation showing the integration between these 5 market leading supply chain management solutions. In this webcast our presenters demonstrated how Sage 100 ERP distribution and manufacturing customers how to speed up the order process by demonstrating how the 5 fully integrated solutions work together in a streamlined end-to-end solution. These 5 companies have been working with Sage 100 ERP customers to automate supply chain management for over 15 years and are market leaders in the Sage ERP industry. The combination all 5 solutions have delivered their solutions to more than 9,000 Sage customers.

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In this webcast Dane DeSantis, Channel Manager at SPS Commerce, shares an interesting statistic. A recent study reveals that companies that acknowledge their supply chain management as a strategic differentiator achieve 70% higher performance rate than those companies that don't prioritize this area of their business. If you are a Sage 100 ERP customer, you will see how you can start taking advantage of an automated supply chain system with these 5 integrated solutions that complete the end-to-end ordering process. 

Learn how Scanco, StarShip, MAPADOC, SPS Commerce, and Website Pipeline work together to bring you an integrated streamlined supply chain and customer service automation solution for Sage 100 ERP. 

During this complimentary webinar learn how Sage 100 ERP customers can automate the entire warehouse and customer service process by:

  1. Allowing your website visitors and customers to:
    • Place and track orders 24/7 
    • View their customer specific pricing and inventory levels
    • View their sales orders, invoices, payments and shipments
  2. Reducing time in picking orders and eliminating mis-picks
  3. Getting a real time view of inventory levels inside Sage 100 ERP
  4. Printing ASN labels from the handheld
  5. Achieving real time validation
  6. Seamlessly integrating with Sage 100 ERP
  7. Strengthening supplier relationships
  8. Automating shipping from the scanned information, parcel and freight
  9. Sending email shipment notifications complete with item to package detail
  10. Reducing carrier address correction fees using the embedded address validation features
  11. Taking advantage of 3rd party insurance to save up to 85%
  12. Easily reporting on late deliveries to obtain refunds
  13. Optimizing the entire pick, pack and ship process
  14. Reducing duplicate data entry and associated errors

    Click image below to watch this 60 minute webcast recording:  Automate Order Processing w/ Integrated eCommerce, EDI, Pick, Pack & Ship & Bar Coding

    About Presenters and Sage 100 ERP Integrated Supply Chain Management Solutions

    Scanco - Warehouse Management Solution Provider, Shaun Boros, Partner:  Sage OEM Partner and leader in WMS applications for Sage 100 ERP since 1989. Scanco meets the needs of thousands of distribution and manufacturing companies providing a seamlessly integrated, real time WMS application on iOS, Android, and Windows. 

    SPS Commerce - Supply Chain and Retail Solution Provider, Dane DeSantis, Channel Sales Manager:  Established in 1998, SPS Commerce is a leading provider of enterprise retail cloud supply chain management solutions with more than 50,000 customers in more than 40 countries and has offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. 

    SWK Technologies, Inc. -  MAPADOC EDI Solution Provider, Bill Gaustad, Sales Engineer:  MAPADOC by SWK Technologies, is a fully integrated, easy to use electronic data interchange (EDI) software solution designed for Sage 100 ERP, that will dramatically cut data entry time and costs by eliminating duplicate entries and improving communication with trading partners.

    V-Technologies  – StarShip Shipping Software, Caroline Walsh, Director of Sales & Marketing:  Sage Gold Development Partner specializing in integrated shipping solutions since 1989.  V-Technologies has over 13 years of extensive knowledge with the full spectrum of Sage products. This, in addition to established relationships with carriers and other related applications (inventory management and EDI), provides a mature solution that can grow with you.

    Website Pipeline Eric Alexander - Website Pipeline, SalesWebsite Pipeline has a bi-directional ERP integration between our B2B/B2C eCommerce websites and Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/200), versions 3.71 and higher. The integration uses a sync tool which identifies the data that needs to be transferred, queues it up, and then completes the transfer.

    About Webcast Host ERP VAR - Adrian Montgomery, Partner:  ERPVAR is committed to providing customers who are evaluating ERP systems with personal and professional guidance in their evaluation. Our goal is to enable ERP customers with the right information and the best team to help with your growth goals. Contact us today to benefit from our combined 30 years of ERP industry experience.

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