Microsoft Dynamics 2015: 3 User Experience EnhancementsMicrosoft Dynamics NAV 2015 3 enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 customers appreciate Microsoft’s commitment to keeping this popular ERP software system with their commitment to continuous improvement with each release. When you invest in Microsoft Dynamics NAV you will continue to benefit from future enhancements designed to help your small to medium sized business streamline day-to-day operations and get more from your ERP system.  Quick to implement, easy to use and powerful functionality, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is designed to help your company increase profits.

3 New User Experience Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

1.    The User Experience in NAV:  With an even more intuitive Role Tailored user interface, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 helps you by making data  entry on pages faster by showing mandatory input fields (Mandatory Field). Faster processing by automatically filling in document numbers (Auto-fill, No. field). Easier review of documents such as orders, invoices, and credit memos by hiding totals shown on the page.  Increase productivity by only showing what is relevant to the user, depending on user permission sets and license.

To present striking operational Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, that improves decision making and focus actions the Role Center now can show special cue tiles that apply custom formatting to any computed numerical value.  NAV dashboards can show an indicator that changes color based on the data values that the tile reflects (Enhanced Cues).

2.     Simplification:  NAV 2015 has a simpler user experience which focuses on basic sales and purchase scenarios.  Simplification is a result of a set of approximately 100 objects, including 60+ pages that have been simplified plus one new RoleCenter from smaller businesses.

3.    Office 365 Integration: Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a direct connection with Office 365, which enables customers to drill down, analyze, share and collaborate with peers.  And with new usability enhancements that make their solution easier and more familiar to use, NAV with Office 365 works seamlessly and effortlessly across all applications.

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Another version of this blog was previously posted on February 19, 2015 on iCepts Blog by Greg Miles:  New User Experience Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015