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What Goes Into an Effective ERP Implementation Team?

What Goes Into an Effective ERP Implementation Team?

3 Tips for an Effective ERP Implementation TeamERP Implementation TM Group

Enterprise resource planning software is powerful and a great business tool, but it's also a complex system that touches most if not all of the different departments and teams that make up a company. Because ERP has such a wide reach, it's crucial that a strong cross-section of a company's employees are involved in the implementation process. The implementation team acts as the conduit between the business and its ERP partner, helping both sides communicate effectively and take the steps necessary to have an ERP implementation that's as efficient, easy and non-invasive as possible.

While every company is different and has varying needs and requirements, there is some general guidance that can help the vast majority of businesses putting together an ERP implementation team:

1. Be diverse

Even companies in the same market may have different internal structures, to say nothing of businesses that deal in significantly different types of manufacturing or fabrication. Organizations can actually use this uniqueness as an advantage when it comes to creating an implementation team. Instead of only including members of the IT department and the expected heaviest users of a new platform, the team should draw from all areas where ERP will be used. With this type of approach, it's much easier to get feedback from all of the departments that will be involved. Users who may have less-frequent but still important interactions with a system, such as accounting staff, will have a voice in the process and make sure that any and all concerns are addressed.

Issues specific to a company's unique structure and needs are more likely to be raised, and more potential benefits can be considered as well. When it comes time to add specific modules and boost the base functionality of an ERP platform, the wide breadth of knowledge available on the team will help determine exactly which pieces should be included. With budgetary considerations always a significant factor when it comes to ERP, the benefit of having a diverse implementation team in place is one of the most significant in terms of driving return on investment.

2. Get the top levels involved

Executives often use the data and associated analysis reports generated by ERP, even if they're not using the system in a hands-on fashion every day. Beyond this practical point, the leaders of a business also tend to inspire the people working below them, and a vote of confidence or an informed opinion can mean a lot in terms of adopting a new ERP system. For these reasons, there should be a representative from an organization's highest levels involved in the ERP team. Just as the different departments have representation, so should the executive suite. This addition can make it easier to weigh different options for a system, as the authority of an executive is involved.

The biggest benefit that involving a top leader provides may be serving as an informed evangelist for the ERP system as it rolls out across the company. Instead of just speaking in generalities about the advantages of the new platform, the executive member of the implementation team can discuss specifics and demonstrate in-depth knowledge.

3. Be proactive with the ERP partner

The relationship between the company adding the ERP and its partner is a valuable one. A strong partner will be able to aid a business in smoothing over the rough patches that may spring up in an implementation. Of course, the organization shouldn't be reticent to reach out with questions and concerns as they arise. A proactive approach in this regard will definitely pay off as a new ERP system is installed.

If you are looking for a partner to help your ERP evalulation and ERP implemention Microsoft Dynamics NAV, The TM Group of Michigan has years of experience working with organizations in many industries such as manufacturing and distribution.

About The TM Group:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available as a cloud or an on-premise solution, please feel free to contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at We would be happy to discuss all your options in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you and designing the perfect solution for your company.

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