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How to Keep Your ERP Budget From Exploding

How to Keep Your ERP Budget From Exploding

ERP_budget-1.jpgIt's no surprise to anyone considering implementing an ERP system that it will be a costly project. What does come as a shock to some, however, are the unexpected costs popping up halfway through an implementation. Instead of letting your ERP budget get blindsided and depleted by a surprising fee, be prepared for all possible scenarios.

There are three main scenarios in which you could find yourself squeezing your ERP budget dry while implementing. If you plan ahead for these worst case situations, however, you won't be quite as shocked and your ERP budget with thank you.

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  1. The Domino Effect
    Have you ever found yourself scrambling to fix a situation, but no matter what you do it just seems like you're making it worse? The domino effect can start to feel like this when implementing ERP. The good news is you can usually prevent yourself from getting in this situation before it even happens. 
    This domino effect occurs because the wrong ERP system is chosen from the start. As problems arise you continually will be trying to tailor the system to your business, which will burn a hold in your ERP budget. Choosing the right system from the beginning is the best way to avoid the domino effect and an ERP budget catastrophe. 
  2. The Sneak Attack
    You may have gone over your business from top to bottom and considered consulting costs. However, there are some sneaky costs sneaky costs that most companies forget about before jumping into an ERP implementation, such as training or company down time.
    The best way to battle the sneak attack costs is by sitting down and thoroughly considering every area the business can take a hit. Consider how long it will take and how much productivity it could cost the business during implementation time. Although these are usually considered "soft costs", they can hurt your ERP budget big time. 
  3. The Penny Pinchers
    We'd all like to save a little money when implementing ERP, but keeping your ERP budget strings tied too tightly may hurt more than it will help. It may seem counterintuitive to expand your ERP budget in order to save money, but keeping a little extra money as a cushion will save you from scrambling when an unexpected problem arises. 
    Whether the unexpected cost comes from an extra day or two in training or a forgotten soft cost, it's imperative to have a little wiggle room to work with.

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Don't end up in one of these stereotypical ERP budget busting scenarios. Be prepared before you jump into an ERP implemenation. It is always best practice to expect the unexpected and keep a little extra in case a budget cost surprises you. 

About e2b teknologies:

e2b teknologies is a Sage Gold Partner and Epicor Platinum Partner providing consulting, custom development, integration and support services for ERP products including Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage X3 and Epicor ERP, as well as specialized business applications for CRM, HCM, EAM, BI and more. 

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