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ERP Consultant Selection – When it’s Time for a Change

ERP Consultant Selection – When it’s Time for a Change

ERP consultant selectionERP Consultant Selection: What to Look for in a New ERP Consultant

So you’ve already selected an ERP solution and unfortunately, there’s trouble. You realize that the ERP consultant (AKA - ERP reseller, ERP value-added-reseller or ERP VAR) isn’t working out for one reason or another. If your ERP consultant is failing to meet your expectations or unable to deliver on deadlines and projects, it’s time for a change. No matter how far down the implementation process you are, sometimes it makes better sense to find a more experienced and competent ERP consultant than to keep working with the same one you’ve got. Perhaps, you’ve had your existing ERP solution for years and you need to expand your operations beyond what your existing ERP consultant can do. Either way, it’s time for a change. Now what should you do?!?!

New ERP Consultant Selection

First, we recommend you maintain in good contact you’re your existing ERP consultant as much as possible. There's a chance that your issues are due to miscommunication or improper expectations. In this case, informing your existing consultant of your concerns will help give them a chance to make things right. In this case, it's often possible to salvage the relationship and move on without disruption. 

If things are not salvageable, the ERP industry is a pretty tight network and your new ERP consultant may need information from your existing partner during the transition. For the past 20+ years, our ERP consulting team has helped unhappy customers that seek our assistance because their old consultant isn't working out. Luckily, most consultants understand that not all partnerships between customers and consultants work. Ultimately, of course, consultants like keeping customers like you in the family, but we understand when that’s not possible.

Before you start looking for a new ERP consultant, look at the things you did right and wrong. Self-evaluation is an important part in the process of selecting a new partner. As they say, it ‘takes two to tango’ – it’s unlikely the reseller was 100% of the problem in the relationship, so assess the situation objectively.

ERP consultant selection.png

Did you make mistakes in the selection process? Now that you know what’s not working for you, revisit your ERP consultant criteria so you can make a more informed decision the second time around.

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a New ERP Consultant:

Ask your new ERP candidate the following questions...

1. Do You have the Experience for My Business?

Your new ERP consultant should have experience with both the ERP system and your industry. They should also have a strong relationship with the software publisher in the event there are issues, you can be confident they can work together.  It's also important to have them coordinate with your IT staff and anyone else in your business that is critical to your ERP system. 

2. Do You have the Right References?

Look at the company history. Are they an established business? Do they have a good reputation in the industry? Ask for references; if they’ve worked with companies similar to yours, contact those businesses and ask about their implementation and post go-live support experience. Search for a reseller like you’d search for a new employee – because really, they are!

3. What is Your Implementation Methodology?

Ask the reseller about their implementation methodology. If a partner has an implementation methodology, they should be able to provide a quick overview of the process. Think about your customers asking for manuals or brochures for your products or services – asking for information about the implementation methodology should be as simple as that. Make sure their implementation methodology defines the roles and responsibilities of the implementation team as well as your responsibilities.

4. Are You Compatibale with My Staff? 

Is there a fit between your company and the reseller? Do you feel as though you’ll be able to trust them and count on them to have your back? The implementation process and relationship beyond is about building a relationship between the companies and the people using the system. Talk to the implementers, the support team, and the project management team, looking for the same characteristics you look for in your employees; the relationship could and should last a very long time.

5. Can You Handle 3rd Party Add-Ons?

You may need add-ons to your existing ERP solution or you may have some already in place. This is a good time to think of any future requirements and make sure your new ERP consultant can handle what you currently use and any other possible requirements in the future. 

Reasons ERP Consultants don't Work Out 

In our experience, here are some of the reasons a customer is unhappy and want to know how to switch ERP partners:

• Lack of expertise
• Lack of support or response time
• Lack of resources or availability of resources in a timely manner
• Resources that do not listen to or understand business needs
• Too expensive
• Lack of process
• Lack of development resources
• Partner that treats you like a project, not a customer

Once you’ve gone through the process of self-reflection and talked to several reseller prospects, take time to weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Southeast Computer Solutions often offers a free visit to ensure that each party – you and us – agree that the relationship will work. We talked about the important things you should consider; we consider the same things when accepting new clients. During the visit, we execute a “day-in-the-life” analysis and provide you a report of our findings. The bottom line is making sure you have an opportunity to interact with us and making sure we feel we can meet your business needs.

If you’re not happy with your ERP consultant, look at yourself, look at new prospects, ask the right questions, and make the necessary moves to help your business be successful going forward. For more help with choosing a new reseller, please contact us today.

About Southeast Computer Solutions

Southeast Computer Solutions is based in Miami, Florida and has additional operations in Mexico. For over 30 years, we have positively impacted the success of small and mid-sized businesses with effective business management implementations that improve our clients’ operations. We listen, we are accessible, and we care. Learn more by visiting our website or calling 305-556-4697.

Another version of this blog was posted on Southeast Computer Solutions BLOG on October 30, 2017 by Frank Bernal - How to Switch ERP Partners or Resellers

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