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How Field Service Software Helps Your Elevator Service Company Rise in Profitability

How Field Service Software Helps Your Elevator Service Company Rise in Profitability


Field Service Software Helps Your Elevator Service Company Go Up in Profits

As an elevator service company, when customers contact you for a job, do you often get quizzed on how your prices compare to your competitors?  This is a typical interaction that takes place when customers want to view you as a commodity.  Since you perform services for your customers, there are more ways than price to differentiate you from your competitors.  Don't get caught in the commodity trap since clearly your company is not just like everybody else. So how will you set your company apart from your competition while improving your profitability?

For years elevator service companies have struggled for ways to make and keep their business profitable.   In 2013, according to the Service Council Report of Field Service, a change occurred where an overwhelming 68% of those surveyed reported that they were in fact managing their field service business as a profit center.  They also expected at 72% that these departments expand into new and untapped revenues streams while maintaining profitability in the next year.  What's caused this shift in businesses struggling for profitability to expecting such positive growth in profits and expanding in new markets in the next year?

So what's behind this revolution, and how can it be changing the service landscape so dramatically?

To put it simply, the same back-office teams, managers and mechanics, are using the same hardware, but are working by the rules of a new business strategy. The terminology is the same, the assignments are the same, and the clients are the same. What's changed is the dynamic of the interaction with their potential customers and existing customers.

First Response is Essential for Profitability

When your customers calls in for a job or service request, your role is, first and foremost, that of an efficient responder. But when your software automatically tracks DOB-required maintenance and inspection schedules or violation deadlines, your dispatchers can pick up the phone and point out that it's time to have a preventative maintenance once-over or an inspection pre-check. Suddenly, your role shifts from being a vendor to a strategic partner.

Mobile Field Service Apps = Profitability

As your workforce is made up of more and moreMillennials, paperwork is finally on its way out and the coordination of logistics and communications on mobile devices is becoming a given.

A mobile field service system that is designed for elevator service companies, mechanics are able to photograph the work done and attach those images and additional notes to the record, which eliminates the duplication of data entry efforts. The prompt online work assignment in one direction and the documentation of progress in the other, yield data that’s not only accurate, but instant.

When mechanics are armed with mobile devices, they can take the initiative to proactively recommend to their managers the obvious, appropriate and revenue-generating upsells and spot-checks based on the information they have in their hand. Their managers have all the information they need to make scheduling decisions, update their customer contact, or to advise the mechanic to change the approach. It’s especially valuable because let’s face it—often, the customer doesn’t even know what questions to ask.

An investment in mobile devices and mobile enabled field service software should not be considered a long-term capital expenditure luxury; when apps are designed specifically for the Elevator Service industry, the return on investment can be extremely short—tracked in weeks or months, not in years. A system designed for Elevator Service is not just a simple task list, but everything the mechanic needs, served out for mobile convenience.

As your new role evolves to a trusted advisor to your customers, you now have an opportunity to talk about new projects and initiatives, leading to an even more mutually beneficial and profitable relationship. To learn more about moving from a cost center to a profit center module, download our whitepaper, Going Up? Technology-Driven Steps to Help Your Elevator Service Company Grow Profits.

If you have questions about this blog or other questions about increasing your company's profitability, contact us or call 888.725.2555 and our ERP experts and we look forward to finding ways to help you.

SBS Group USA:  From local offices across North America, SBS Group provides business management solutions to help growing companies meet their operational, financial, regulatory, and technical challenges. Through a proven process of Discovery, Analysis, Design and Delivery, we leverage ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, and Office Productivity technology to build, deploy, and support innovative systems in your data center or in the Cloud.

With your business at its core, the SBS experience begins with an assessment of “what is” by our industry experts.  We’ll mutually develop an individualized roadmap that includes crisp deliverables, transparent budgets and evaluate how to make all of your technology work better together.

The SBS Difference​

• Single source provider of technology solutions
• Custom development, project management, and application consulting teams
• Reduced risk with PMI (Project Management Institute) certified project managers
• Exceptional business expertise across an array of focus industries and verticals
• Portal for collaboration, document management, and project deliverables
• Dedicated account manager to oversee and manage our business relationship
• Microsoft Gold Competencies in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management 
• Top Microsoft Partner – 2014 President’s Club, 2014 Inner Circle Member
• Over 3000 loyal clients
• Completed more than 1,000,000 hours of implementations
• More than 5000 hours of training spent annually
• Deep Microsoft Dynamics expertise with more than 200 MS Dynamics certified consultants

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