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Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Reporting Enables Better Decisions

Written by John Peace on Thu, Apr 11, 2019

4 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Reporting Tools

Successful businesses, big and small, understand the importance of knowing what’s going on in the day to day business to make smart decisions. Business intelligence and real-time access to insightful data are key to get an accurate picture of how the company is performing. Unfortunately, not all modern ERP systems have reporting tools that are easy to use. Luckily, the reporting features you get from Microsoft Dynamics GP aren't just for big business. Small and mid-sized businesses also have the basic need to connect with each other and have access to the information they need to be the most effective at their jobs. Business intelligence turns information into action through data gathering, analysis and monitoring. Also, powerful forecasting functionality helps identify opportunities, minimize risk, improve management and operations.

Business reporting tools, like the tools that Microsoft Dynamics GP, provides each user with the ability to gain a clearer picture of data that is relevant to the specific job functions and goals of each employee’s role. Employees can take charge of their own data and make any necessary adjustments to meet their goals. In this blog, we’ll review 3 of the top tools that provide Microsoft Dynamics GP customer with insightful, easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

4 Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Reporting Benefits for Your Business

  1. Microsoft Power BI Power BI allows you to view other Data Sources to consolidate data and make adjustments to meet long-term and short-term sales goals
  2. Biznet allows you to work with Excel or not– Biznet Version 7 allows you to craft financial reports in Excel if you prefer.  You run the reports in desktop Excel, on the web or even via a mobile app.
  3. Ease of use – Usability and ease of use should be one of your principal considerations when selecting cloud-based reporting tools.  If your business end-users can’t easily learn to use and leverage the power of the software, it’s not a viable long-term solution.
  4. Mobile reporting – The use of mobile devices continues to overtake that of traditional desktops. It’s not surprising that companies are demanding access to business data on tablets and smartphones. The ability to design and build reports via mobile, as most reporting apps allow you to view reports and drill down abilities into your Dynamics GP data. Some mobile apps are already available (such as Microsoft Business Analyzer for Android devices) that come pre-configured to provide business insights and a user experience that can be personalized to fit your company’s needs.



Even small businesses need flexible enterprise-wide planning, budgeting, and reporting that works smoothly with its financial systems fits specific business or industry requirements.  A good reporting system is easy for employees to use and share. Whether using SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Power BI or an Excel add-on program, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL provides powerful, reliable data collection and easy-to-use analysis and reporting functionality, as well as built-in consolidation, elimination, and multi-currency capabilities.

Accountnet New York ERP consultants work with clients to assist with the planning, integration, training and ongoing support for their Microsoft Dynamics systems and can help you figure out which reporting tools are best for your unique situation. Located in the heart of Wall Street, AccountNet Inc. is the premier provider of accounting solutions for the financial services industry. We provide robust accounting software for Hedge Funds, Financial Planner, Private Equity Firms, and more. AccountNet Inc. is a Microsoft Partner and "Gold Enterprise Resource Planning" certified.  

Contact us today to get started at 212-Dynamics.


Another version of this blog was previously posted on by Accountnet - How can Microsoft Dynamics GP enable a better data platform?

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