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Understanding the Benefits of Sage 100c

Understanding the Benefits of Sage 100c

Benefits Sage 100c.png6 Benefits of Sage 100c 

The release of Sage 100 2016 has generated a lot of excitement with our Sage 100 customers with over 20 new updates and features. This blockbuster release also inspired a lot of questions about the new version Sage 100c that is now available as an option with Sage 100 2016. The overall goal of Sage with every release is to improve the user experience with workflow and user interface enhancements. In line with their "ease of use" development philosophy, Sage 100 2016 is now easier for businesses to stay compliant, enter data, set preferences, print and customize reports, and automate sales order expiration dates.

Overall review of top 10 Sage 100 2016 updates

If you are wondering what's the difference between Sage 100 2016 and Sage 100c please read our What is Sage 100c? blog. 

  1. Stay compliant with new Affordable Care Act requirements
  2. Outsource payroll with Sage Payroll Services
  3. Simplify everyday tasks with new preference settings
  4. Save time with improved Accounts Payable reporting and printing options
  5. Improve accuracy and communication in Accounts Receivable with customer memos
  6. Automate sales order expiration dates
  7. Resize and anchor controls in a Custom Office environment for better data entry
  8. Reorganize and simplify tasks with a modernized version of Sage Fixed Assets
  9. Apply, activate, and manage credit payments with the Sage Payment Center
  10. New Sage 100c offering

What's the difference between Sage 100 and Sage 100c?

Sage 100c is a modernized, subscription-only, “deluxe” version of Sage 100 2016. With a fresh user interface and mobile access, Sage 100c has the same functionality of Sage 100 2016 – just with a shorter learning curve and the following:

Top 6 benefits of Sage 100c

  1. Makes navigation easier with customized fonts on the desktop and task windows as well as customizable desktop themes and color schemes
  2. Improves security by allowing users to access only authorized information
  3. Shows persistent web content and gives you fast access to commonly-used websites
  4. Activates services like Sage Payments and Sage Payroll quickly and easily
  5. Offers improved application scaling so you can change the resolution of your screen to fit properly on high-definition screens
  6. Improves access to the new, modernized Business Insights Dashboard

Understanding the 3 c's in Sage 100c

In case you were wondering, Sage explained the meaning behind the new name Sage 100c.  You will impress your peers if this comes up in your next game of Trivial Pursuit.  You will be prepared at the next Sage conference if you are quizzed.  The "c" stands for connected, collaborative, and customer-focused. Sage 100c will give you the freedom to stay with the trusted solution (Sage 100) that you've counted on for years. You'll have the confidence to leverage new technology at your own pace without disrupting your business.

How to get started with Sage 100c

If you are considering migrating from Sage 100 to Sage 100c?  If so, please read our previous blog 3 Steps to Migrate to Sage 100c

Sage 100c is available now!  If you are a Sage 100 user on a maintenance plan, you can upgrade to either Sage 100 2016 or Sage 100c. If you are a new user or are not on a maintenance plan, you can upgrade directly to Sage 100c.

When you move to Sage 100c, you’ll benefit from a modernized user experience that will shorten your learning curve and increase your efficiency. And because you’re already using Sage 100, you’ll get it all without disrupting your current workflow.

Are you ready to take advantage of smoother workflows and greater flexibility? Contact Southeast Computer Solutions about upgrading to Sage 100 2016 or Sage 100c today.

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Another version of this blog was previously posted on Southeast Computer Solutions blog by Jordan Berkowitz on September 27, 2016; What's the Difference Between Sage 100 and Sage 100c?

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