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Put Your Accounts Receivable Collections on Auto Pilot and Get Paid 20% Faster with Anytime Collect Express Edition

Put Your Accounts Receivable Collections on Auto Pilot and Get Paid 20% Faster with Anytime Collect Express Edition

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Date:  May 12, 2016

Time:  11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

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You’re too busy managing your business to manage your accounts receivable effectively. And honestly, why should you? With today’s technology there has to be a better way to get paid faster with less effort. There is a better way. It’s called Anytime Collect Express Edition and it puts your accounts receivable on auto pilot. Companies implementing Anytime Collect get paid 20% faster – that’s about 9-12 days faster. It’s like hiring a part-time receivables clerk who always does what they’re told to do, when, and how. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Configuration Survey: Complete a short configuration survey telling us when you want the software to send reminders to customers, how you want to personalize email templates for past due notices, and at what point in the process you want to be notified if accounts are severely delinquent.
  2. System Setup: We setup the software based on your answers to the configuration survey. We also configure the data sync to refresh the system on a scheduled basis.
  3. Automated Workflow: The software runs daily sending out new customer welcome emails, delivering new invoice alerts to customers, and sending reminders and past due notices automatically.
  4. Alerts & Reports: You receive emails in your inbox including projected cash receipts, a summary of customer communications, aging reports, past due accounts, customer messages from the online self-service portal, pending online payments, and bounced emails. Email alerts and reports include a spreadsheet with the information and a hyperlink that takes you directly to the information within Anytime Collect Edition so you can follow-up on actions that truly require human intervention.
  5. Get Paid: You can optionally enable online bill pay for customers. Emails sent to your accounts can include a custom hyperlink that takes them directly to their online statement. Here they can download PDF copies of invoices and pay their bills online via ACH or credit card.

Anytime Collect Express Edition costs less than most cell phone bills with a return on investment in just a few months. And best of all, it never calls off work or forgets to do what it’s told to do. Integrated with leading document management and credit card systems, Anytime Collect is a great solution for any business who wants to get paid faster and a potential replacement for Sage Billing & Payment which was recently retired by Sage Software. Join us to learn more.