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Back To WMS Basics with ONE Software

Back To WMS Basics with ONE Software



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Date: Thursday, March 31, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET


Join ONE Software Solutions for a complimentary webinar to learn the basics of Warehouse Management and Barcode Scanning with Sage100 on the newest technology available for Sage users.  Get back to basics using Multi-Bin software to help better track your inventory locations and better manage the flow of inventory through your warehouseUsing iOS and Android devices in the warehouse- see how to do the basics of Warehouse Management with PO Receipts, Transfers, and shipping- all with devices you have in your pocket.  Automate your warehouse and never worry about keying data into Sage100 again using just the basic features available from the leaders in Warhouse Management- ONE Software. 

  • See the newly released Multi-Bin Standard Version
  • Learn the advantages of using multiple bin locations for your items
  • See iOS and Android work in your warehouse
  • Learn the importance of Real Time Data between your devices and ERP
  • See some of the latest mobile technology available for your warehouse
  • See the basics you need to start automating and organizing your warehouse
  • Learn how all of this seamlessly integrates with Sage100