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Sage 100 Warehouse Management:  What's New in 2016 for One Software?

Sage 100 Warehouse Management: What's New in 2016 for One Software?


Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

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Join ONE Software Solution for a complimentary webinar to learn what is new in  2016! In this this webinar we will be focusing on all of the new enhancements that the ONE team has developed over the last year to bring you the best in Warehouse & Manufacturing Automation for Sage 100.

Warehouse Management Features

  1. Wave batch features – auto create shipments to pick to packages and automatically print wave batch and individual pick sheets
  2. License plate features to reserve inventory and auto assign picks and putaways for sales orders, Schedule BOM and work order by assigning these transactions to the license plates.
  3. Expanded size of license plates to match SSCC codes if desired
  4. Reduce quantity available in Sage for inventory with pick restrictions – like for defectives, returns, reserved inventory to sales orders.  Save time by no longer needing a warehouse code to segregate this inventory from the quantity available in MRP and sales order.
  5. Auto allocate inventory to sales orders and print pick sheets during receipt of goods and as finished goods are produced

Manufacturing Features

  1. Xscan is now available on iOS and Android!  See the future of mobile technology for work order automation
  2. Multi-Bin and Pallet Tracking in Work Order

Warehouse Automation Features

  1. Wave Batch Scanning Integration
  2. On the Water Scanning Integration
  3. License Plate Scanning Integration
  4. Advanced Inventory Look Up
  5. Directed Put Away Scanning Integration