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NetSuite for Enterprise Companies: 6 Ways NetSuite Wins

NetSuite for Enterprise Companies: 6 Ways NetSuite Wins

6 Reasons Why NetSuite is the ERP of Choice for Enterprise Level Companies

Over the years, NetSuite has grown to have a great reputation serving mid-market companies. Today there are more and more enterprise-class companies that have already transformed their technology in many areas of the business to the cloud. However, there are some enterprise companies that still question whether or not cloud solutions like NetSuite are robust enough to meet their often complex requirements. In the case of NetSuite, it’s developed interesting features and benefits for enterprise level companies in 6 key areas that we will explore in this article.

6 Reasons Why NetSuite is Ready for Enterprise Companies

1.    Robust Financial Proficiencies

In addition to contributing an instant, always with access to real-time data, crucial for the advancement of efficient, actionable business insights, NetSuite offers a wealth of financial features. It has the capabilities built in to support multiple companies, numerous books, several languages, and various currencies. In addition, it comprises multi-elemental support for VSOE/BSP revenue recognition. Enterprise finance divisions have included NetSuite because it permits for real-time global financial consolidation, united with local accounting compliance and steep, functionally rich accounting and financial capabilities.

2.    Demonstrated High-Volume Scalability and Customization

NetSuite’s customer base contains a vast amount of clients with greater than 1,000 users, and a great quantity of public organizations. With NetSuite, you have the capacity to customize your requirements via company-focused servers that escalate volume as your need does, amid other benefits.  Also, NetSuite has an expert group of professionals explicitly devoted to its high-volume clients. This team is dedicated to assist customers with their interactions concerning capacity and data usage. NetSuite’s promise to these consumers leads to several sub-billion dollar firms and departments of multi-billion dollar companies switching to NetSuite.

3.    Enhanced Competencies and Minimize IT Budget

Enterprises that switch to NetSuite can minimize IT costs connected with maintaining and upgrading a legacy ERP system like Oracle or SAP platform. It’s an economical choice with enterprise level benefits. It’s no longer necessary for Enterprise companies to carry the burdens of a fully built-out data center, nor must they keep their accountability for backup, disaster recovery and data security.  Enterprise companies are no longer hindered with the decision making and overhead of improving their solutions because NetSuite effortlessly takes care of this twice a year. Taking all of this into deliberation, enterprises that use NetSuite are characteristically able to release more IT resources. If running a data center and IT resources aren’t core competencies of an enterprise’s business, outsourcing those accountabilities to NetSuite is a clever and tactical move. Doing so allows the enterprise to concentrate more firmly on its true core competencies.

4.    Seamless Integration

NetSuite’s extremely technologically advanced assimilation and integration competencies are also drawing notice from enterprises. With the obtainability of fully transactional REST or Web Services based APIs across the entire functional footprint, integrations can be established either on Middleware Platforms or Middleware-free, permitting a partnership with almost anything. That means NetSuite can integrate with existing Oracle or SAP solutions for an effortless and seamless exchange of transactions and data.

5.    Powerful Ecosystem of ISV (3rd Party)Solutions

Many ISVs have taken advantage of these capabilities to provide solutions that are unique to a market or to an area of functionality that NetSuite does not address.  This provides enterprise organizations with access to an endless source of additional functionality.

This is widely because NetSuite is written to be easily integrated with other ISV solutions with continuity and seamless transitions of ISV solutions across upgrades. 

6.    Powerful Features for Any Enterprise

Whether your enterprise company focuses on manufacturing or distribution, NetSuite has features that streamline all elements of your business, improve cross-functional reporting, and eliminate silos. NetSuite provides complete financial management. Including global accounting, invoicing, and financial and statutory reporting. It optimizes order management and fulfillment processes and streamlines procurement. It offers inventory management and provides ecommerce support. And, if you need to customize your solution for your specific needs, then NetSuite supports that customization seamlessly across upgrades.  In short, NetSuite is a platform to run your entire operation.

Are you envisioning NetSuite for your enterprise? The specialists at DSG will assess your business objectives and create an integrated a solution that’s customized for your unique goals and needs. Get more information today.

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There are many decisions to be made when transitioning your ERP solution to the cloud. Having the right partner in the implementation and transition will ensure that you are making the right decisions every step of the way. For the best possible guidance, consider a VAR. Visit our NetSuite VAR Implementation page to learn more.

DSG delivers cloud accelerated business solutions based on leading ERP and CRM applications NetSuite and Salesforce™. With our deep business and technology expertise and the experience gained in hundreds of successful projects, DSG is acknowledged as one of the leading cloud business solutions providers by our major business partner, NetSuite, and by cloud media and analysts such as IDC and CRN. Since 2005, hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 500 have worked with DSG and our proven Realize, Optimize and Revitalize methodologies to implement tailored NetSuite and Salesforce™ solutions that, from day one, deliver value, insight and business acceleration.

Another version of this blog was previously posted by Todd Fitzwater on DSG’s Blog on March 3,2015 Why NetSuite Is Ready for Enterprise

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