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Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Lifecycle Management Software

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Lifecycle Management Software

By tracking the complete job lifecycle of everything you produce, it’s easier to spot and anticipate supply or labor issues that may impact on-time delivery, which means collecting payment could be delayed as well. With automation like Sage 100cloud manufacturing lifecycle management, it’s easy to keep an eye on your lifecycle processes in real-time, enabling you to react and respond.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Software

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing enables you to monitor your entire manufacturing lifecycle from estimating, sales orders and work tickets, through job planning, costing, purchasing, and data collection. Capturing labor and material usage in real-time is easy. The system will automate how you allocate parts to the job, support barcoding, and connect to payroll. 

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Tightly control the many moving parts and elevate your productivity with real-time job management tools including the ability to:

  • Reuse past quotes to speed the creation of new ones. 
  • Save time with automatically updated material costs to reflect the most recent purchases. 
  • Combine bills of material, labor, routings, and contracted services to create a detailed cost roll-up. 
  • Select your options and automatically calculate pricing with the product configurator.

Sales orders and work tickets 

With all your job information referenced from a single system, you’ll enjoy a streamlined workflow. This means you can quickly convert an approved quote to a sales order and: 

  • Generate detailed work tickets automatically. 
  • Check material availability before release. 
  • Attach product documentation and procedures specific to the job. 

Job planning 

With tools to review, refine, and improve estimating and job planning, your team can proactively monitor the status of your jobs:

  • Verify quote accuracy before production starts. 
  • Easily track original versus revised estimates.
  • Determine material availability. 
  • Notify purchasing of shortages. 
  • Check production schedules. 


To ensure you purchase the right products and materials at the right time, you need to constantly analyze your supply and demand for jobs, so you can:

  • Create a dynamic to-do list. 
  • Consolidate purchasing requirements. 
  • Base purchase recommendations on reorder points and minimum order quantities. 
  • Automatically generate purchase orders. 
  • Optimize cash flow by reducing excess inventory levels. 

Costing and tracking 

Real-time tracking helps you reduce the time you spend managing projects so you’ll be able to:

  • See current costs in real-time.
  • Know the status of projects at any given time. 
  • Analyze profitability based on remaining cost projections. 
  • Be alerted to potential cost overruns while in production. 

Data collection 

Collect real-time labor and material usage information enabling you to: 

  • Quickly and easily issue parts to the job. 
  • Reduce errors and streamline data entry with the barcoding feature. 
  • Eliminate manual data entry with flexible time-entry capabilities. 
  • Automate overtime calculations and allocation to work tickets.

The combination of Sage 100cloud Manufacturing with the powerful financial management capabilities of Sage 100 helps you deliver orders on time and on budget with complete insight across the entire product manufacturing lifecycle.

The team at Vrakas/Blum is the Number One Manufacturing Solution Partner for 14 years running. The collective experience can save you time and create efficiencies with Sage100cloud Manufacturing software. Contact Vrakas/Blum today!

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