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How to Row with Both Oars: Salesforce and Intacct Cloud Financial Integration

How to Row with Both Oars: Salesforce and Intacct Cloud Financial Integration


Salesforce and Intacct Cloud Financial Integration

If you have never spent time in a row boat, there’s one important thing you need to know: row equally with both oars. It sounds like a simple maxim, but it’s essential. When you row one oar harder than the other, you don’t move smoothly across the lake; you end up going around in circles. You need both oars, performing at the right speed, to get to your destination.

Your cloud financial solution and CRM system should work together just as if they are two oars in a rowboat. Don’t use a best-in-class accounting solution with an inferior CRM product and expect to get to your destination. The Salesforce and Intacct integration has the same result - moving forward rather than getting lost in circles.

Use Salesforce and Intacct cloud financial together as two strong oars

By connecting the best-in-class tools together, you get a full view of every customer. Your organization can see important data in a streamlined quote-to-cash process; data related to sales, costs of doing business, revenue and campaign/event data. You can gain insight into trends, outcomes and overall performance, as well as the financial components, when it matters most. All instant, real time, and available within a few clicks from any device, anywhere.

In essence, you’re eliminating any blind spots in your business. With integration, you’ll keep Intacct cloud financial and Salesforce in synch with the latest information. Sales teams can benefit from the real-time pricing and product lists. They can gain insight into both the timing and financial impact of revenues, upgrades, and more right from within the CRM system.

Setting up a Salesforce and Intacct cloud financial integration is just as easy. With point-and-click integration setup, it's simple to get started. Point, click, and connect all without the need for a third-party integration or IT support.

The result is an efficient and paper-free order-to-cash process. It starts with a Salesforce quote, which is converted into an Intacct order. This automatically starts the invoicing process, and triggers revenue recognition. Your organization can also create and track customer projects right from the Salesforce account screen and use Intacct Project Accounting.

The Salesforce and Intacct cloud financial integration can:

• Eliminate duplicate data entry
• Reduce potential errors
• Enable ales to be more efficient and effective
• Increase visibility into a customer’s financial activity
• Improve the finance team’s productivity
• Facilitate reporting that enables real-time decision making

Going around in circles in business isn’t efficient or effective. In order to facilitate decision making that moves you forward, you need to row with both oars. The seamless Intacct and Salesforce integration is the best way to do that, and the team at Arxis will make sure you’re well equipped.

If you are interested in learning more about cloud accounting software or have any questions about this this blog CONTACT US. If you are looking for cloud accounting solutions or ERP consultants to help take your business to the next level, contact us at, or call 866-624-2600.

Arxis Technology, Inc.

Arxis Technology, Inc. is an ERP technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation and support of accounting and business management software, custom application development, and network engineering and design. As ERP consultants and resellers for Intacct Cloud Financials, Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90), Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac), Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS 500), SAP Business ByDesign, SugarCRM, and SageCRM, Arxis services clients from locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Ireland.

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