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Acumatica CRM Software Promotes Business Growth

Acumatica CRM Software Promotes Business Growth

Why it's important to utilize Acumatica-integrated CRM to seek growth opportunities.

Leveraging customer data to increase sales and inform marketing cannot be underestimated in the race to find new ways to drive revenue growth. Successful companies know how important it is to manage customer data to create new growth opportunities. Find out how they use Acumatica-integrated CRM to drive sales, enable marketing, and support strategic goals.

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Your company can sell more products and services with embedded Acumatica CRM for marketing, lead qualification, quoting, sales order conversion, and customer service and support. CRM is a key component of the Acumatica Manufacturing and Distribution Editions.

Acumatica CRM is integrated throughout the system, including sales, inventory, manufacturing, and accounting.

The Definition of CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the methodology that combines the strategies and technologies that drive meaningful interactions with your customers. The enabling mechanisms include the collection and analysis of engagement from various points of contact throughout the “customer life cycle.” CRM systems enable critical data to be collected, stored, organized, and analyzed. 

CRM software connects the customer experience data while reducing internal workload. CRM software integration facilitates the connection to other disparate systems within the business, which is perhaps the biggest advantage of CRM systems.

For example, do your customers provide an email upon purchase via one program, but another program manages email marketing? CRM software bridges this gap. 

Generally, CRM applications deliver three main types of data management to help your business: 

  • Operational applications which help with the automation of repetitive tasks, 
  • Analytical applications focus on the gathering and analysis of customer data, and 
  • Collaborative applications focus on the identification of developing interests.
How Acumatica-integrated CRM Helps Sales

Acumatica’s powerful CRM integration puts the control directly into the hands of your teams and decision makers by providing a seamless CRM and ERP connection. Acumatica’s CRM applications enable the ability to serve customers better. 

Acumatica provides client sales teams with real-time information and the ability to make timely impacts on sales growth by keeping the information in sync with sales modules integrated to financials, ensuring sales forecasts, revenue reports, collections data, and more are financially consistent. 

In addition to supporting a solid contact database, Acumatica’s CRM integration can help gather leads from web spaces, purchased lists, and tradeshows, including manual data entry to assign and route those leads with pre-set criteria. It’s easy to streamline a cumbersome process with AI-enhanced technologies that utilize mobile image recognition, convert leads and link activities to contacts, and eliminate the need to search for files.

How Acumatica-integrated CRM Helps Marketing

Acumatica delivers an integrated marketing solution, tightly connected with financials and content management. Your teams will improve collaboration between sales, marketing, and support while ensuring maximum ROI for each marketing dollar spent. 

At the center of this marketing application is a central document repository to store customer collateral, email templates, price lists, contract templates, images, videos, etc. You can also integrate with marketing platforms like HubSpot to sync between systems and fully automate marketing processes. Built-in segmentation enables list management with a powerful email marketing tool that can be tracked and measured effectively with a native Send Grid integration.  

Enable Customer Self-service

It's possible to deliver increased value to your shoppers by offering new ways to access information and perform key activities anytime they need. The Customer Self-Service Portal provides an experience that’s always On, without requiring customers to pick up the phone or send an email. 

Your customers can access educational material, control their accounts, update profile and payment information and other user access details. The portal also allows business partners and resellers the ability to view inventory and place orders themselves—speeding up the ordering process and freeing your sales team to focus on other activities.

An Acumatica Partner Can Guide You

Aqurus believes in a one-to-one approach to integrating CRM into your business. By providing targeted communications and AI-driven technologies to manage increasing customer expectations, Acumatica’s CRM integration can provide improved organizational efficiency to grow your business successfully.

At Aqurus, we know how valuable Acumatica ERP software is for businesses – especially those in Distribution, eCommerce, and the retail industry. If you’re interested in how Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Software can boost your business, the Aqurus team is passionate about smooth implementation and ongoing support. Contact us today.

The team at Aqurus can help you. Reach out today to discover how their expertise can help you create efficiencies and cost savings. Call (403) 768-0322 or email today! 

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