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Quicker Decisions with Acumatica Distribution Management

Quicker Decisions with Acumatica Distribution Management

Acumatica Distribution Management Enables Acumatica Users to  Analyze and Visualize Key Insights, Not Data, to Act Faster

Data is important, but insights are critical to making the fastest decisions possible. For companies in the distribution industry, data is changing by the second and the quickest decision makers rely on Acumatica Distribution Management and its on-board business intelligence tools to see across all areas of your distribution company and accelerate decision making.

Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Everyone consumes data very differently. Your finance team is used to analyze data in piles and spreadsheets for miles. For folks who are more operational in focus than financial, it's even more important to present data in a way that makes sense to them.

With Acumatica Distribution Management, your reports can be custom-fit for each user to meet the information needs of all people in your organization. Reports are delivered in real time and specific data can be restricted to authorized users as needed with a set of reporting tools that can be used to deliver customized views of your business to every department in your organization.

Enhanced Report Creation

Acumatica’s Analytical Reporting Manager (ARM) allows you to generate free-form reports using any combination you choose for rows, columns, and units so you can easily:

  • Specify numerous, non-continuous ranges in the data source for accounts, sub-accounts, and branches in the general ledger.
  • Sort rows within a report from ascending to descending order.
  • Allow amounts to be rounded to the nearest dollar, thousand, million, or billion.
  • Merge unit, column, and row set data sources in scenarios where unit, column,
    and/or row set data point to potentially overlapping ranges.
  • Perform calculations relative to a value contained in another row

Enhanced Features Provide Competitive Advantage

It's a cliché, but it is true: Time is money. Every minute you can save your staff from time spent on manual, repetitive tasks can be calculated into a dollar amount based on their collective salaries. How many minutes a month are people on your team repeating the same task over and over again, costing you that same dollar amount every single time.

Save time and money with features and capabilities that are designed to eliminate repetitive, manual tasks. Here are just a few:

  • Easily create report templates by saving report parameters as a template then instantly populate reports with parameters from the template.
  • Quickly setup and apply reusable filters to create and apply complex filters and save them for future use.
  • Toggle between parameters and flexible views without losing changes made on the
    parameters view.

Distribution Made Smarter with Acumatica and Cortekx

The right data at the right time in the right hands can make a huge difference for your short-term and long-term operations. If you’re looking to centralize your data, educate your people, and ultimately work smarter, get to know more about Acumatica, customized and implemented through the ERP experts at Cortekx.

At Cortekx we have successfully implemented over 170 ERP solutions since 1995.  Our mission is to help you find and implement the right software with the right configuration for your needs, team up with you and your staff to work together to bring about change, and realize that change as it positively impacts your bottom line. Get to know more about how Cortekx works, how they can help, or contact us for a free consultation.

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