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Supercharge Your Online Store with Acumatica eCommerce

Supercharge Your Online Store with Acumatica eCommerce
Integrating your online store to Acumatica eCommerce ensures a great shopper experience and reliable fulfillment.

Congratulations! You’ve set up your eCommerce website and you’re ready to open your online doors to your customers. Are you, really ready? If your ERP for managing orders, payments, inventory, and returns isn't integrated into your website, your fulfillment and billing will stall, and cash flow will be disrupted. Avoid trouble with a thorough eCommerce back-office system evaluation. If you're still considering new technology to help you connect your online store to your ERP, here are the categories to look for in your new solution. 

Omnichannel is Not Optional

Success in today’s Retail-Commerce industry relies on providing an omnichannel shopping experience. These days, shoppers want to make purchases in a store, over the phone or shop online. They expect a seamless transaction with your product or service regardless of the method they prefer. The Acumatica eCommerce edition enables continuity of operations for small and midmarket organizations.

1. Productivity

It's imperative that the back-office system you consider support the ability to increase your organization’s productivity. One way to achieve this is to look for a scalable solution that integrates with your eCommerce front end. For example, the Acumatica eCommerce edition automatically syncs customer, inventory, sales, and shipping data and can accommodate growth.

You will want a solution that is a true cloud option, which means you can access the system over the internet through a standard browser—no need to install client software. You'll also want to look for access from mobile devices. This increases productivity by putting mission-critical information in the hands of the people that need it when they need it, not weeks later, or when they get back to the office. Acumatica eCommerce edition actually enables your team to work remotely and securely if your region has to lock down or you no longer want to require employees to work in an office.

2. Functionality

Ensure that your prospective ERP supports the requisite day-to-day accounting functions. Most businesses will want to look for features that include:

  • Multi-entity management
  • Third-party software integrations
  • CRM combined with cloud ERP
  • Integrated business intelligence.

3. Technology

Your assessment of the solution should include its synchronization capability so that you can you’ll automatically exchange product pricing, categories, inventory, images, customers, orders, and more.

The system should also be dynamic, giving you customizability and Flexibility essential for meeting your specific business requirements. A user-friendly user interface should also be on your list when considering the technology so that it's easy for your teams to use.

4. Value

Calculating value can be complex. The formula for return on investment compared to your current system can be tricky. Here are some questions to help you identify the true value of your back-office system:

  • Can the system scale with us as we grow?
  • Are there multiple deployment options?
  • Are the licensing options flexible?
  • How are we charged: by the number of users or by the resources used?

Supercharge Your Back-Office

Your business has the potential to be an eCommerce machine, but you have to select an eCommerce ERP that meets the criteria for success. At Elysian-Cloud, we specialize in the needs of eCommerce and Retail businesses and can help guide you to the solution that will supercharge your back-office.

Acumatica eCommerce edition helps online businesses gain more control over orders and fulfillment, get full visibility into their performance, simplify workflows, reduce manual-entry errors, enable easy returns and exchanges, and give your shoppers real-time order tracking. Our team of software experts are available to answer your questions and provide a personal demonstration. Connect with us to see what Acumatica’s eCommerce edition can do for you and your business.

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