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The Best eCommerce Starts with Acumatica Integration

The Best eCommerce Starts with Acumatica Integration
Create a great shopping experience with an Acumatica integration with your eCommerce website.

A tight integration between your eCommerce platform and your ERP, combined with the support of friendly staff, is your welcome mat to your store, providing your shoppers with the products and services they want. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward with an Acumatica integration.

Your Website is Your Welcome Mat

Your company's eCommerce website acts as the front door to your business. It is the layer between your company and your shoppers. Everything else that makes your business what it is, including your products, services, and activities, happens behind that gateway.

So when you think about customer satisfaction, your website is only part of the picture. Shoppers buy from your company the first time based on promises, offers, and how easy your site is to use. However, returning shoppers only come back if you keep your promises.

Satisfaction Factors Rely on eCommerce Integration

Customer satisfaction relies on a number of factors, many of which have nothing to do with your website. For example, it won't matter if your site is easy to use if you don't have efficient and effective completion of the sale.

Most of the tasks that impact customer satisfaction are enabled by a tight integration to a robust ERP. Functions such as timely pick/pack/ship, secure billing and collection, and efficient follow-through on returns and inquiries are enabled by eCommerce integration.

What to Look For

You'll want to look for an ERP that integrates with your eCommerce website and shopping cart. This will allow your ERP to automate internal functions while eliminating data duplication wherever possible, making it much easier to isolate the roles and responsibilities of the online presence from the back-office processes. 

  • Product information (pricing, product details, availability) should come from the ERP database.
  • Customer transactions (sales, allocations, shipping instructions) should go directly into the ERP order management and inventory systems.
  • Order status from ERP should be available to customers during the life of the transaction and beyond. Many eCommerce companies send status updates via email (order accepted, in process, order shipped, shipment tracking information) and this information should also be available from the website.
  • An Acumatica integration makes sure all activity, including click-streams, abandoned carts, and order changes are captured and inserted into the corporate data warehouse for future analysis. 
  • The financials of the eCommerce transaction should be completed with and through the ERP, such as credit checks, account or credit card charges, invoicing, and general accounting.
  • Order, item pricing, and quantity will typically come from the ERP, especially in the case of configurable or customizable products.
  • Purchase and accounting history posted to the customer account should be made available to the customer through the eCommerce site – extracted directly from ERP in real-time.

Supercharge Your Back-Office

Your business has the potential to be an eCommerce machine, but you have to select an eCommerce ERP that meets the criteria for success. At Elysian-Cloud, we specialize in the needs of eCommerce and Retail businesses and can help guide you to the solution that will supercharge your back-office.

Acumatica eCommerce edition helps online businesses gain more control over orders and fulfillment, get full visibility into their performance, simplify workflows, reduce manual-entry errors, enable easy returns and exchanges, and give your shoppers real-time order tracking. Our team of software experts are available to answer your questions and provide a personal demonstration. Connect with us to see what Acumatica’s eCommerce edition can do for you and your business.

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