Jack Yu

Fixed Asset Tracking

Fixed Asset Tracking Automation: Full Lifecycle Management for Fixed Assets

Carefully tracking your company’s assets is one of the best ways to ensure that equipment value, depreciation and residual value are recorded accurately. Many companies have a large number of assets that require tracking, which will be hard to do...

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manufacturing resource planning

Automate Complex Manufacturing Resource Planning

Your manufacturing company’s ability to deliver orders on time depends on a lot of moving parts. Manufacturing resource planning is used to forecast...

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Enterprise Order Management

6 Ways to Automate Your Complex, Enterprise Sales Projection and Order Management

In our previous blog, we outlined time savings from automation for companies offering retail sales. Retail sales is relatively straightforward...

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Budgeting Planning

How to Simplify Budgeting Planning for Retail Commerce

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of data modeling and how a pre-built data model based on corporate-level policies leads to faster,...

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Pre-Built Data Modeling

Build Budget Models Quickly Using Pre-Built Data Modeling

Utilizing budget modeling is one of the quickest ways to future-proof your organization. By applying a different set of assumptions, constraints, or...

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Multi-entity consolidation

Simplify Multi-entity Consolidation with Consolidated Budgeting and Planning

By implementing a budgeting and planning tool that helps you automate global consolidation, you can save hours every month on your intercompany...

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