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Acumatica Highlights The Success Story of CAL Client, Lifeway Mobility

Acumatica Highlights The Success Story of CAL Client, Lifeway Mobility

When our customers succeed, we succeed. The team at CAL Business Solutions is proud to be partnered with Acumatica Cloud ERP. Recently, we were thrilled to learn that Acumatica highlighted the inspiring success of one of our clients, Lifeway Mobility.

Lifeway Mobility gained a positive reputation with rapid growth, but this growth also brought some challenges. Then business changed due to the pandemic.

Notice how, with the help of CAL Business Solutions and Acumatica, Lifeway Mobility found an all-encompassing solution that not only solved their immediate problems but set them up for solid future growth.

Lifeway Mobility Faces New Challenges

Lifeway Mobility is a New England based accessibility solutions company. Their mission is not to sell products but to meet the needs of their customers by providing recommendations that “improve mobility, comfort, independence, and quality of life.”

Since its start in 2015, Lifeway Mobility has had tremendous success, expanding operations in six different states. As they expanded, they encountered a major challenge. Because their offices were established through acquisition, each one inherited a set of tools, software, operating platforms, process, and procedures. Simply put, each of their six offices had its own software package with no centralized ERP system.

This made it a real struggle to get consolidated statements and reporting. This type of fractured infrastructure wasn’t suitable for a cohesive, insightful business looking to expand. The Lifeway Mobility team knew they needed a cloud-based business management system to take them to the next level. They chose a software package, but it wasn’t Acumatica.

CAL and Acumatica Provide the Solution

As Lifeway contemplated their options, they felt that they had chosen an ERP solution that would fit their needs. But just hours before they signed on the dotted line, George Mackiewicz, owner of CAL Business Solutions, stepped in and had a game-changing conversation with the decision makers at Lifeway Mobility.

George understood the challenges Lifeway Mobility faced and knew that Acumatica could solve their problems more efficiently and for a better overall ROI. He enthusiastically suggested they evaluate Acumatica Cloud ERP.

They took his advice and were quickly convinced that Acumatica Cloud ERP was the solution for them based on Acumatica’s:

  • Pricing model
  • Mobility
  • Scalability

The quick and professional implementation by CAL Business Solutions confirmed they had made the right decision.

How Acumatica Cloud ERP Impacted Lifeway Mobility

As a successful company, Lifeway Mobility had high expectations. Could Acumatica Cloud ERP deliver the way CAL Business Solutions promised it could?

The answer can quickly be summed up by what Bryan Mullen, SVP Shared Services, Lifeway Mobility said:

“Having run large operations, and as CIO at a Fortune 50 company in the past, I’ve implemented a tremendous amount of technology over the years,” Bryan says. “None of them have been as smooth as Acumatica.”

Through the combined efforts of the Lifeway Mobility leadership team, CAL Business Solutions, and Acumatica, they had their six offices up and running using various Acumatica modules within just one year.

More than that, Lifeway Mobility’s Chicago branch and Minneapolis office were both able to roll out the system during the pandemic. Bryan Mullen comments on how being an Acumatica customer has specifically benefited him during this difficult year:

“We are all working remotely, not being on site and being able to implement a new solution during this time is a testament to the way this can be done. All the training, data migration, and post-launch support was done entirely remotely.”

“Lifeway Mobility has maintained our business continuity in these trying times in large part due to the Acumatica Cloud ERP system. In fact, all of our office administrative and customer service staff are working remotely from their homes without even the slightest hint of disruption. This comes with thanks in large part to our partnership, and it is a true partnership, with Acumatica and Cal business solutions.”

Lifeway Mobility Expresses Appreciation to CAL Business Solutions and Acumatica During Most Trying Times

At a time when most businesses struggled to adapt to the new changes brought on by the pandemic, being an Acumatica customer enabled Lifeway Mobility to not only keep their doors open but even expand their operations. Acumatica Cloud ERP has made the difference of allowing Lifeway Mobility to stay true to their mission- providing recommendations that “improve mobility, comfort, independence, and quality of life.”

The team at CAL Business Solutions is proud that Acumatica chose to highlight our client Lifeway Mobility.

Read our own Lifeway Mobility case study Acumatica Helps Company Rapidly Accelerate Growth With One Connected System in the Cloud.” Then review more Acumatica success stories at to see how Acumatica and CAL Business Solutions can help make a difference in your business today.

Let’s start the conversation. Contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 or

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner,

Lifeways Mobility and Acumatica Cloud ERP


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