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Especially developed to offer a reliable alternative to inflexible, on-premise ERP software, Acumatica delivers a scalable cloud based ERP solution that gives you the opportunity to choose among different licensing, deployment and functionality options to best fit your business needs. Free from IT constrains, capable to support innovation and growth, and ready to tackle various business challenges, this solution is appropriate not only for small enterprises with specialized requirements, but also for multi-branch organizations operating across multiple geographies.

Acumatica ERP

Why Choose Acumatica

Acumatica is one of the few cloud based ERP systems that can be accessed from anywhere, centrally managed and inexpensively maintained. Further, it makes available an impressive assortment of core functions, tools, and apps meant to improve productivity, regardless of the industry sector. With this software product on your side, you can easily manage the following areas:

  • Finance – Acumatica comprises a series of features that you can use to control payment processing and bank account reconciliation; collect data for analysis and reporting; handle the billing and collection of receivables along with liabilities for goods and services received in advance; automate certain tasks, such as invoicing, payments and reporting; draft employee expense reports and complete financial operations in multiple currencies; establish formulas to calculate total tax raised from revenue; and get in-depth visibility into your business assets.
  • Distribution – The Distribution Management module includes all the tools needed to organize distribution operations. Getting real-time access to order, warehouse and inventory data; optimizing and streamlining order fulfillment; automating complex processes involving different suppliers, manufacturers and products; issuing replenishment orders, performing cash sales, accepting returns and providing quotes upon requests are just a few operations that can be performed with Acumatica.
  • Project Accounting – Budgeting projects, monitoring progress and analyzing results are all tasks of Herculean proportions without an advanced cloud based ERP solution in place. Acumatica is the best system to handle all these because it allows you to track overhead, labor, inventory and prepaid expenses, get detailed expense reports for more accurate billing, create timesheets and analyze productivity based on how many hours your employees work on particular projects. Additionally, Acumatica’s Project Accounting Suite includes functionality that can be used for project-level budgeting, advanced billing relating to milestones and contract-specific terms, and real-time reporting to measure current expenses against total budget.
  • Customer Relationship – Acumatica makes available innovative web-based tools to help you manage existing and new customers along with future prospects. Including Sales, Marketing, Analytics and Forecasting Management modules, this software solution is a perfect fit for any organization struggling to improve its sales conversion rates, gain better visibility into marketing and keep customers, partners and employees up to date regarding events, results, tasks and responsibilities.

What sets Acumatica apart from other cloud based ERP systems? Proposing a complete suite of ERP and CRM features, Acumatica delivers a reliable platform that saves organizations time and money without requiring large upfront investments in remote access software and complicated VPN. Additionally, Acumatica is:

  • Configurable – Acumatica’s configurable functions simplify and support module interaction, allowing you to make changes according to certain requirements, including switching between on-premise, hosted and SaaS without compromising performance and security.
  • Integrable – Unlike many ERP solutions, Acumatica’s multi-tiered architecture makes possible integration with existing systems.
  • Extensible – Acumatica not only enables new module development without any HTML, HTTP, CSS and JavaScript adjustments; it also can be optimized for mobile devices and apps.

What else? Acumatica never locks organizations into specific proprietary technologies, hosting providers or vendors. This means that you get full control over the software and deployment methods once you purchase a license.  

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