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ERP Implementation Strategies – The Best Method

ERP Implementation Strategies – The Best Method

At Algorithm, we know that selecting the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a vital decision for any organization. It takes commitment and a lot of dedicated time towards research and discussion before a final decision is made. And once that choice is determined, it is time to start planning for a successful implementation strategy.

Put simply, ERP software implementation addresses everything from installation, migrating historical and current data, process review, software configuration and training all departments. But we know it is not that straightforward and requires strategy, right? The correct approach will separate the successful project from the not so successful project. Analysts at Gartner report that 55% to 75% of ERP migration projects go over budget, miss crucial milestone dates, or even completely fail on the first attempt. But at Algorithm, you will not be part of that statistic. This is because of a tried-and-true winning method designed and executed by the entire Algorithm team.

It All Boils Down To

Before we explain our method that will guarantee your success, there is one key piece of information: THERE ARE NO BEST PRACTICES. You will probably read countless articles about “top-ten steps” or “best practices to avoid implementation failure”. But all that advice neglects to convey one essential fact – every company is different. One company’s best practice is another’s confusion. For your ERP software implementation strategy to work you need to plan for and complete stages with a knowledgeable and adaptable team. If you see or hear anything about prescribed professional procedures that are one-size-fits all, move on.

The Method Behind the Madness

At Algorithm, we enjoy the implementation process. This is when relationships and trust are developed as we learn about you as an organization. We meet and discuss vital processes and what needs to be improved upon. It is the time to look at what could be and then build it. It really is exciting! With the right mindset and commitment, you will see the next era of your company’s success.

How does it start? Algorithm will provide you with an outline of milestone tasks and timeline for completion. This is done BEFORE implementation begins so that you can plan accordingly and have no surprises.

The ERP Implementation Strategies and Milestone Tasks outlined and reviewed with you include:

• Software Installation
• Planning Meeting
• Process Analysis: As-Is Discovery
• Kickoff Meeting
• Project Team Training
• Solution Design/Build/Test
• Customization
• Team Piloting Assistance
• End-User Training
• Conference Room Pilot
• Final Cutover/Go-Live

Each bullet-point has significant impact on the success of the entire project and will be discussed with you in detail. For example, during the Project Kickoff Meeting, your Project Team and the Algorithm Project Team get together to discuss, identify and plan for: Teams & Roles, Goals, Scope, Methodology, Schedule, Anticipated Challenges, Change Management and the Project Plan.

Sounds like a lot of moving pieces, doesn’t it? That is why selecting a team that walks you through each stage and manages your progress is essential. The great news is that we have done it many times and know how to make every scenario work, no matter how unique, tangled or complicated. We keep it organized and on track in phases. The below graphic is a timeline overview of what to expect as you move towards launching your new cloud ERP.Best ERP Implementation Strategies

Delivering a Seamless ERP Software Implementation Experience

Implementing a new cloud-based ERP solution doesn’t have to be nightmare. As a certified partner of Acumatica ERP Solutions, Algorithm ensures a thoughtful, scalable and streamlined implementation process, which has helped make ERP software implementation a seamless experience for thousands of customers.

Contact our team today to schedule a demonstration or to find out more about how we can help you make your business more efficient.

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