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3 Ways Inventory Control Software Tips the Balancing Act to Profits

3 Ways Inventory Control Software Tips the Balancing Act to Profits

3 Ways Inventory Control Software Helps Balance Stock-In and Stock-Out

Inventory_control_softwareAccording to best practices of inventory control, there is a challenging balancing act when it comes to the fulfillment of all your orders on demand and on time while delivering excellent customer service. The challenge of inventory control is not to run low on inventory while also not overstocking on items that are not moving out so quickly. Maintaining the “right” amount of inventory in stock without running out of the popular products or over stocking the warehouse is the ultimate sweet spot for making profits. Of course, being able to verify the location, history, or application of your inventory items only helps when trying to maintain an appropriate level of inventory. The best and most efficient way to accomplish all of these goals is to use inventory control software.

Inventory control software improves your overall business performance in these three ways:

1.  Providing at-a-glance reporting

How many units do you have left in stock?  Where are they located in the warehouse?  Inventory Control Systems answer both of these questions with at-a-glance reporting.  These reports also show other important information that allows employees to make better decisions regarding order fulfillment, pending orders, and customer service.

2.  Identifying issues quickly

It is always important that you are able to locate items in the warehouse.  In some cases it may be of vital or urgent importance, like in the case of food product recalls.  An inventory management system serves to locate products quickly and easily as it tracks lot and batch numbers and, in the event of a problem, customers that may have purchased a problematic item can be alerted.

3.  Improving communication internally and externally

By introducing traceability into the workplace, inventory management systems improve communication.  Traceability is accountability, and accountability is transparency.  With the ability to connect the dots from employees to vendors and then to customers, your company is gifted the ability to maintain realistic expectations for order fulfilment, shipping time, product rollout, and inventory counts. The end result is all parties are having their needs met. Additionally, the gift of transparency is the ability to identify what isn’t working.  Fixing the recurring problems decreases employee frustration, improves customer service, and allows you to run your business more efficiently.

Southeast Computers can get you the inventory software you need to make inventory management easier and more accurate. Contact us to learn more. If you are considering different ways of improving your profitability, reducing your team’s workload, and improving your customer service, send us a message. If you have questions about how to improve your inventory management, Southeast Computer Solutions will help you evaluate your options. CONTACT US ONLINE or by phone at 305-556-4697.

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