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On Premise Legacy ERP Vs. Cloud ERP: 5 Points to Consider

On Premise Legacy ERP Vs. Cloud ERP: 5 Points to Consider
Cloud ERP

ERP software selection is no easy task.  There are literally 1000's of ERP packages available.  How do companies select the right fit for their organizations?  See our business process assessment blog series for more ERP software selection pointers.  

Today we are highlighting 5 important points to consider when comparing two classes of ERP software solutions, On Premise Legacy ERP Vs. Cloud ERP
5 Points to Consider On Premise ERP Software
  1. Requires your own hardware infrastructure, or a 3rd party private cloud
  2. Usually written in a proprietary or legacy programming languages that oftentimes get discontinued
  3. Usually offers a lot of functionality and add-ons
  4. Customizing tools are very good; add fields, tables, scripts, etc.
  5. Usually offer strong third party product integrations for financial report writing 
5 Points to Consider On Cloud ERP Software
  1. Most cloud ERPs offer a unified code base system with a strong database platform
  2. Written in web-based tools (java, html, etc.)
  3. Customization capabilities are very strong
  4. Most cloud ERPs Offer a variety of optional, bundled features, all based on the same suite
  5. Cloud ERPs are Completely web-based, accessible only via the Internet, most all browsers are supported thus implementation times tend to be drastically reduced
ERP software selection is a delicate process.  It is extremely important to select an ERP software that fits your business needs.  In order to accomplish this it is strongly recommend to hire an ERP consultant.  ERP consultants have performed dozens of business process assessments and will sit down with each department within the company to understand their individual critical business requirements.  ERP consultants will assist in the documentation of critical business requirements and help companies match requirements against ERP software capabilities.

Contribution by Kerry Gardner:  Director of Sales and Marketing - Klear Systems

Klear Systems

Klear Systems is a Sage, Microsoft and NetSuite business partner delivering world-class ERP and CRM solutions as well as custom development and IT services to customers throughout Southern California, including Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Irvine.

We’re a young company with a tenured staff of professionals that bring broad experience and extensive talents to every engagement. Your business success is the measure of our success. Klear System’s talented team of programmers, consultants, and technicians never stops looking for innovative ways to solve business challenges. From project-planning, implementation, custom development, and ongoing support we keep the focus on delivering a measurable return on your technology investment.

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