Microsoft Dynamics NAV EnhancementsAs ERP consultants working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our clients really appreciate the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 enhancements that reinforce this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution as a great choice for small to mid-sized companies. NAV2013 latest enhancements many new features that improve the process for purchases and account payables management. This is one of the recent improvements that make NAV 2013 a preferred choice when upgrading your ERP solution for your wholesale distribution or manufacturing company.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to maintain basic payables with vendor tables, posting purchase transactions in journals, and managing payables more efficiently. Basic payables includes the vendor table and enables you to generate vendor ledger entries using general journals. Also, you can use this together with Multiple Currencies granule to post purchase transactions and manage payables in multiple currencies for each vendor. Some of the latest Purchase and Payable enhancements include the following improvements.

4 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Enhancements for Purchases and Payables:

  1. Drop Shipments: Allow your company to handle order shipments directly from the vendor to the customer without having to physically stock items in your inventory while still keeping track of order cost and profits. The drop shipment process is facilitated through automatic linking of sales and purchase orders that control the built-in sequence of posting task.
  2. Purchase Line Discounting: To manage multiple item purchase price discounts, the Purchase Line Discounting features streamlines this through this negotiated individual vendor pricing based on parameters such as minimum quantity, unit of measure, currency, item variant and time period.
  3. Purchase Return Order Management: Create a purchase return order in order to compensate your own company for wrong or damage items with Purchase Return Order Management. Items can then be picked from the purchase return order. A company can set up a partial return shipments or combine return shipments in one credit memo and link return orders with replacement purchase orders.
  4. Requisition Management: Another great way to automate supply planning is also with Requisition Management in Dynamics NAV by using the Requisition Worksheet. General optimal suggestions for replenishing inventory through purchases and transfers based on the item’s current plus future demand in addition to availability as well as a variety of planning parameters, such as minimum and maximum quantities also reorder quantities. Dynamics NAV allows you to display a graphical overview of the planning impact and allow the user to change the plan using drag and drop prior to executing on the plan.

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