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W-2 Filing Checklist - Helpful Tips for Preparing 2012 W-2’s (Part I)

W-2 Filing Checklist - Helpful Tips for Preparing 2012 W-2’s (Part I)
Procrastinating filing taxes

The holidays, year-end and tax filing deadlines can make this a stressful time of year.  We hope you find the information helpful while preparing your W-2 filings.  The 4 tips compiled below hopefully helps take some stress out of the W-2 filing process for you.  Getting it done right the first time is far better than the hassle of having to resubmit forms due to errors.  Stay tuned for more tips in Part 2 of this W-2 filing checklist series. 

Happy New Year! 

W-2 Filing Tips #1 - General Items:

  • The forms should be typed in black ink and without erasures, whiteouts, or strikeovers.
  • The entries should not cross the lines separating the boxes.
  • Typed without dollar signs and commas.
  • Typed with decimals and cents for all amounts.
  • Typed in order either alphabetically by last name or numerically by SSN.
  • All six copies of the form should be legible.
  • The Forms W-2 should not to be stapled together or to the Form W-3.

W-2 Filing Tips #2 - Employee Identifying Data:

  • The names on the W-2’s should be the same as shown on the employee’s social security card (first, middle initial, last).
  • Suffixes such as Jr. and Sr. should be omitted from the names unless they are on the employees SSN card.
  • Employee names should not include any title such as Dr. or Ph.D.
  • The SSN correct format is xxx-xx-xxxx.
  • If an employee does not have an SSN, they should have filed a Form SS-5.
  • If employee filed a Form SS-5 but has not received a SSN yet, “applied for” should be entered into box a, of the W-2.
  • If the employee received the SSN after the Form W-2 is filed, the employer should get a copy of the SS card and issue a W-2c.
  • If the employee’s name has changed, the original name should be used until the employer sees the corrected SS card.

W-2 Filing Tips #3 - Forms Distribution:

  • W-2’s should be given to employees by 1/31/2013.
  • W-2 copies to be distributed as follows:
    • Copy A to the SSA.
    • Copy 1 to the state, city or other local tax department.
    • Copies B, C, and 2 to the employee.
    • Copy D to the employer’s payroll files.
  • If a W-2 is reissued, the form should have “Reissued Statement” written on it. 
  • Any undeliverable Form W-2’s should be retained for 4 years.
  • If 250 or more Forms W-2 are being filed they should be done electronically meeting the SSA specifications.   If filed electronic no paper forms should be sent to the SSA.

W-2 Filing Tips #4 - Voids:

  • If there are W-2 forms with errors, make sure to mark them Void.
  • The amounts on the voided forms should not be included in the totals reported on Form W-3.

Please inquire with us if you’d like to learn more about W-2 filing or how our Sage 100 ERP consultants can help your business uncover hidden revenue and cost-savings.

About Sage 100 ERP Consultant - Convergence Technologies, Ltd. - The mission of Convergence Technologies, ltd. is to provide quality business technology with exceptional service for our customers while promoting an enjoyable environment of continuous learning and growth for our staff.   Convergence Technologies, Ltd. Is based in Fort Wayne, IN and proudly serves the area and the nation helping customers grow their business.  Contact us at 877-483-0717 or visit  to learn more how our Sage 100 ERP Consultants can help your business grow!

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