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Discover the Benefits of Integrating EDI with your ERP

Discover the Benefits of Integrating EDI with your ERP

e2b edi resized 600The benefits of using EDI and ERP software together are endless; as an ERP VAR consultant and solutions provider, we get a lot of questions about EDI and other solutions such as “why should I be using EDI alongside our ERP?”   Here is the short answer: you will recognize benefits which will streamline your fulfillment process, automate redundant tasks, reduce date entry errors, increase communication both inside and outside of the company, and so much more!  All while improving accuracy and meeting customer EDI requirements.  There is really no reason not to use these two applications in conjunction with each other. In case you’re still not convinced, here are a few (of many) reasons to integrate EDI and ERP in your business.
1)    Increase efficiency

  • Process orders faster
  • Reduce lead time
  • Accelerate the orders-to-cash cycle
  • Reduce key strokes
  • Eliminate redundant activities related to data entry

2)    Reduce cost & increase profitability

  • Streamlines document-intensive processes
  • Optimize document processes dealing directly with customers

3)    Increase customer satisfaction

  • Quickly and accurately answer questions
  • Resolve order/billing issues quickly
  • Eliminate paper-based activities for customers- making their lives easier
  • Share information more responsively
  • Streamline the buying prices

4)    Strengthen Partnerships

  • Being able to quickly and accurately share information with partners will increase trust in you and encourage commitment to the partnership.

*Side Note*
If you have the opportunity to work with your ERP resellers/VAR while you choose your EDI system—take advantage of this opportunity! Why?
•    They can recommend the best EDI integration for work with your ERP system
•    This can save you money
•    This can result in a smoother deployment
•    Working with your trusted ERP provider will ensure you are getting the best guidance
•    Additional improvements can be found in recommendations made for Add-Ons to further streamline processes, save time, money, and increase productivity even more.

About e2b teknologies:
e2b teknologies operates three business units – e2b anytime apps, e2b enterprise, and e2b calibration. e2b enterprise develops custom cloud-based business applications and resells leading ERP accounting software, CRM, HRMS, and other enterprise business software applications from Sage Software, Epicor, Intacct, Sugar CRM, and other publishers. e2b anytime apps is the publisher of Anytime Collect, Anytime Assets, Anytime 500, Anytime Commerce, and related Anytime brand products. e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory.
Our goal is to provide customers with great products backed by world-class support, development services, and business consulting to help them achieve their goals – on-time, and on-budget. Contact us today for more information or to speak with one of our software experts.
Follow us on twitter @e2bteknologies

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