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SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: CRM Product Comparison

SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: CRM Product Comparison

SugarCRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM resized 600SugarCRM and MS Dynamics CRM are two of the most popular CRM solutions available on the market today. As with any software, some may be a better fit for your company than others and there is no single CRM solution that can be an all-inclusive blanket solution to satisfy your every need. SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics are both quality systems, but they do have a few key differences which may be a deciding factor if you need to make a decision for your company. 

A few reasons why you may want to choose SugarCRM for your company:

  • Sugar CRM is extremely easy to use: from the free trial to implementing and learning the system, Sugar is about as user friendly as it gets.
  • The sugar crm free trial is On-demand and ready immediately with no credit card required and no need to install anything. The trial comes populated with enough demo data so you can see how Sugar can work for your company
  • If you decide to purchase Sugar, it is as simple as clicking a button on a website. You may argue that once you push that button you are responsible for getting yourself up and running, this is true, but sugar is built for ease of use and there are plenty of SugarCRM partners or a SugarCRM reseller who could help you with this process
  • One of the biggest battles for CRM systems is getting people to use it. With sugarcrm adoption will not be a hassle- your team will love the easy to use UI and the intuitive nature of Sugarcrm. Here are some more tips on how to get your team to use CRM
  • Sugar works on any Smartphone or tablet: MS dynamics CRM does not have this capability
  • MS dynamics crm works like an app on a windows phone and if you do not have a windows phone you must pay extra to be able to use it on your android, iphone, or blackberry.
  • MS dynamics does not tend to play well with tablets either.
  • Sugar has a larger default data storage (60,000MB) compared to MS dynamics (5,000MB)
  • Sugar supports multi-currency for companies who do business in different countries
  • Sugar users can create web form pages to capture leads- this comes out of the box.
  • This can be accomplished in MS dynamics but only after additional customization
  • Sugar has integration with social media, MS dynamics does not
  • Social media is growing by leaps and bounds, and not just in the B2C world - B2B social media is growing just as quickly so it is important to have social media integrations to better connect with and understand your customers and prospects

This is only a short list of differences between SugarCRM and MS Dynamics CRM; we did not even delve into functionality or platform differences in this blog. Again, Sugarcrm and MS Dynamics crm are both top products for a reason - they are both impressive systems. But only one will be right for you based on your needs. The gist of it is this; if you need a system that will integrate with many different systems, that can be mobile, social, global, affordable, and easy to use - SugarCRM is the better bet for you.

For more information on SugarCRM contact a SugarCRM partner today.

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