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QuickBooks Online CRM: Begin with the End in Mind!

QuickBooks Online CRM: Begin with the End in Mind!
Begin with the End in mind

If you are looking into a QuickBooks CRM system ask yourself this question:  What do you want your company to be when it grows up?  You may be satisfied with your current growth but do you have goals of growing bigger, hiring more employees, winning more business, early retirement?

If your company isn't using the right tools every step you take it may take you two steps in the wrong direction eventually.  Sure the tools may serve their purpose now but think about your future.  Envision what you want your company to be and move toward that goal.  According to Steven Covey and his famous 7 Habits of Effective People, there is first a mental creation, and second a physical creation.  Just as a bulding follows a blueprint.  If you don't make a conscious effort to visualize what your company is now and what you want your company to be in the future you may make an expensive mistake in selecting the wrong QuickBooks CRM system.

There are several QuckBooks CRM options to choose from so choose wisely.  Think outside of the QuickBooks box.  Think about what QuickBooks CRM systems can grow with you and your company.  Sure QuickBooks is a fantastic easy to use entry level accounting package but will you be able to use it forever?  Is there a time when you may out grow QuickBooks see also, How Do You Know If You Have Outgrown Your QuickBooks? 10 Warning Signs & a Solution 

If you are seriously considering CRM systems that means you are growing.  If you are growing you may eventually outgrow QuickBooks.  Select a QuickBooks CRM system that will grow with you and integrate with more advanced mid-market and enterprise level ERP software. 

Here are 11 items to consider when reviewing QuickBooks CRM options:

  1. Can the CRM you choose grow with you and easily integrate into QuickBooks and possible ERP software systems you may switch to in the future?
  2. Do you require a web-based solution where you can access QuickBooks or a future ERP software customer related data on demand?
  3. Do you require hosting your CRM solution on-premise or through a third party?
  4. Do you require multi-tenant or single-tenant cloud architecture?
  5. Do you require mobile client compatibility?
  6. Do you require Social Media integration?
  7. Do you require inbound marketing automation using tools such as Pardot or HubSpot?
  8. Do you require the flexibility of an app exchange environment where you can add third party functionality by shopping for integrated applications?
  9. Do you require customization?
  10. Do you require software ownership or prefer to subscribe monthly/annually?
  11. What is your budget?

When considering the above criteria two Online QuickBooks CRM options meet 10 out of the 11 items, SugarCRM and Salesforce.  Depending on your budget and requirements you may select one over the other.  Please find a comparison between the two applications here:  SugarCRM vs. Salesforce.

Written by Chloe Larnach, Faye Business Systems Group (SugarCRM Expert)

Executive Marketer, Website Content Manager, SEO, Blogger, Communications, Products - SugarCRM, Intacct, Sage

Specialties of Faye Business Systems Group

As certified SugarCRM, Sage, and Intacct partners and developers, Faye Business Systems Group is a technology consulting and software company that has helped growing companies over the last 20 years become more profitable by working with them to optimize their financial and business systems.   FayeBSG does this by helping them assess, implement, and optimize the right software for the right task. Key software includes SugarCRM, Sage 100 ERP (Formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200), Intacct and the development of custom software solutions. In addition to the development of industry leading integrations between SugarCRM and ERP, marketing, and credit card software solutions, FayeBSG services also include project management, software implementations, consulting, software development, training, and support.  






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