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How a Connecticut Medical Device Distributor Doubled Order Processing Speed with Dynamics GP

Innovative Medical Products (IMP), a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, based in Plainville, Connecticut, was facing a growing demand. But they were using a basic MYOB accounting software that just could not keep up. They knew they needed to switch over to a more robust ERP software system. But which one? After comparing eight ERP packages, including Epicor, Peachtree, Job Boss, Macola, Activant, Visual, QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP, they chose the best fit. The winner? Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Why did IMP choose Dynamics GP?

Rich Larkin, Director of Operations for IMP recalls, “Dynamics GP stood out to us to mostly because of how it was presented from CAL Business Solutions.  George showed us how we use real time scenarios and how the data can be accessed and organized in our business.”

Instead of going on about how wide and open and flexible the options were, CAL opted to show concrete specific examples and give advice about how best to take advantage of the ERP system.

Has IMP seen concrete results?

IMP more than doubled their order processing, growing from 20 to 50 orders a day per person. This is a 150% increase. Using Dynamics GP with SalesPad gave customer service reps an intuitive interface to access customer history, inventory and more.

By setting up customized workflows for each product, they were able to streamline the order process by cutting out the unnecessary features.

Another problem IMP had been dealing with was order accuracy. Many of the products had similar product numbers and the confusion of picking and shipping the wrong product led to unsatisfied customers. By incorporating handheld barcode scanners into the ERP system, they increased order accuracy from 85 percent to 98.5 percent.

Why does IMP rely on CAL Business Solutions?

IMP was happy to work with CAL, understanding that the choice of partner is just as important as the choice of software. By outsourcing to business partners who know their industry IMP is able to focus on their core business and sustain growth.

Read the full Innovative Medical Products Case Study at

Watch the 3 minute IMP case study video to find out more:

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Are you a New England distribution company that wants to double your order processing? CAL Business Solutions can help. Call us for a no obligation, no commitment conversation. 860-485-0910 or email 

View more Dynamics GP Distribution case studies and videos at or

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,

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