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Your ERP Implementation Strategy: Success or Failure in the New Trumpland

Your ERP Implementation Strategy: Success or Failure in the New Trumpland

ERP Implementation Strategy: When Success is the Only Option 

Are you tired of business as usual?  "Let's make America great again!"  Are you tired of your outdated ERP system?  "It's time for a change!"  With the election of our 45th U.S. President Trump, the country sent a clear message that the status quo will no longer do.  However you voted in November, it's time to step up America and embrace change! It's also important to remain diligent to make sure that the change you asked for doesn't turn into a complete failure.  Politics aside...when it comes to making the decison to get a new ERP system in order to help your business grow, making sure you have selected the right ERP system for your busines is critical to a successful implementation.  If you have an ERP implementation strategy in place, then you are ready to reap the rewards of your new ERP system.

The U.S. election is a sign of things to come...change is one constant in life.  If your business is operating on an outdated legacy accounting and business management system, then you are most likely considering engaging in an ERP software selection.  If you find that the needs of your business have outgrown your systems ability to keep up, then it's time to start looking for a new ERP system. 

If you've been in business for awhile, you've probably heard or experienced first-hand that ERP implementations can be a terrifying experience if it doesn't go smoothly.  Change can be scary but rest assured, there is hope for ERP implementation success vs. failure.  Don't let the fear of change or the threat of failure prevent your business from taking the necessary steps to grow.  To help you get started with your ERP selection process, here's a list of blogs that ERPVAR published by experienced ERP consultants and industry professionals.

Now you can be a winner like Trump and have a successful ERP implementation experience.

"My whole life is about winning. I don't lose often. I almost never lose."  - Donald Trump

3 Tips for a Successful ERP Implementation Strategy

In order to have a successful implementation, these things must happen FIRST!

  1. Business Process Review / Needs Analysis ...stay tuned for part II
  2. ERP Software Selection ...stay tuned for part III
  3. ERP Consultant ...stay tuned for part IV

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Here are just a few ERP implementation strategy blogs previously published on ERPVAR:

To help you get started with your successful ERP implementation, here's a list of some of our most popular blogs that ERPVAR published by experienced ERP consultants and industry professionals.  We will share more resources about ERP needs analysis, ERP selection process and ERP consultant selection in part II, III and IV of this blog series.  We appreciate all the contributions of our ERP experts.  Together we have published thousands of blogs with over 209,300 views.

  1. ERP Implementation Strategies: The Pro's and Con's of Big Bang vs. Phased Roll-Out
  2. 9 VERY Scary ERP and ERP System Implementation Statistics
  3. ERP Implementation: Critical Questions to Ask Before Buying and Implementing an ERP System
  4. 9 Do's and Dont's of ERP Implementation
  5. ERP Consultants Are Blamed for 36% of Failed ERP Implementations
  6. ERP Implementation: Lessons from Toyota on Achieving ROI
  7. Your ERP Implementation Team: 4 Tips for Success
  8. 3 Roads to ERP Implementation Failure
  9. ERP Implementation and Selection Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them
  10. 5 Tips for Planning a Successful ERP Implementation

In Part II of this blog series, we will review what makes up a business process review / needs analysis so you can prepare for success when you are ready to upgrade your ERP system. Stay tuned...


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About Author: Kathy Graham, is a partner and co-founder with over 19 years in working in the ERP community as an ERP partner advocate and channel manager.  It all began with Sage working for 8 years starting in 1997, Avalara for 3 years and Intuit for the last 4 years ending in June 2012. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Penn State University with a deep analytical and writing background. Her strong ERP VAR relationships, experience, training and commitment to the channel are great assets for customers looking for ERP consultants and ERP partners and ERP solutions to work take their business to the next level.

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