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ERP Software Selection: What's Best for Your Company?

ERP Software Selection: What's Best for Your Company?

ERP Software Selection Done Right for Your Company

ERP_Software_Selection.jpgSelecting the best ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for your business may seem difficult. So how do you do it? There are more ERP choices than ever for small and mid-sized businesses.
The days where ERP’s were only tailored for larger companies is over!  Below you will find some steps to ensure you find the right ERP for your specific needs:

Define Needs and Requirements

Ensure you know exactly what each department requires prior to beginning the search for the bests ERP for your company. Focusing on features and functionality without defined needs can cloud the true objective.  Creating a list of key business areas and your ideal solution will help you prioritize your requirements.

Short and Long Term Requirements Drive Your Selection

Focusing on the immediate needs is very important, but also looking at future requirements will help drive your decision as well.  Which business areas do you envision growing over the next few years? What types of team members do you anticipate hiring this year and the next? Answers can help you determine what ERP features are likely to address long-term needs.

Ensure Versatility for Evolving Needs

With the ever changing markets, economies, the workforce, and technology, it may seem challenging to make decisions today for tomorrow.  Finding an ERP that will scale and evolve with your company and industry is critical. Should your company acquire another company, split into divisions, or otherwise undergo big changes, your ERP system should be able to grow with your business.

UnderstandingTotal Cost of Ownership

Make sure your ERP provider is transparent and up-front about total costs.
It is important to identify the different ERP pricing models early in the selection process, so that you target the solutions that fit with your companies cost and budget projections. Before making your choice, understand implementation costs, any necessary hardware upgrades, software maintenance schedules, and generally any ancillary costs that might emerge once you’ve signed on the bottom line.

Evaluate Vendor Support Before Committing

Support is a big consideration for any company that is moving to a new ERP and should be considered prior to committing.  The provider’s track record of performance is a top priority – something companies may not appreciate until after they have experienced less than stellar service. How will the provider assist with implementation and ensure the best return on your investment? Your choices, both internally, as decision-makers, and externally, selecting providers, may be the single most important aspect of your ERP implementation.
NexTec Group has been implementing enterprise resource planning systems and providing the support that businesses need for over 20 years. We know every business is unique and faces unique challenges. We’re ready to support you in your unique implementation so you can be confident you made the best decision. We invite you to download the NexTec Brochure to learn more about our recommended ERP software systems and experience.
Another version of this article was posted on March 30, 2016 - How to choose the right ERP for your business
AUTHOR: Chris Milan 
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