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13 Pointers for ERP Software Selection

13 Pointers for ERP Software Selection

ERP_software_selection_Mantralogix.jpgBest Practices for ERP Software Selection

Your company has established the need for a business software solution.  The time has come to make a decision about which system to implement.  This can be a juncture where hesitation falters efforts toward growth, as many companies shy away from making the selection decision due to the size and cost of the project.  Rest assured there is a procedure by which your business can select and implement the best system.  By following this time-proven implementation methodology, the process can be significantly less daunting – even less costly.

Six best practice guidelines to navigate your business into this critical undertaking:

  1. Enlist support and commitment of upper management
  2. Identify the key stakeholders and decision makers
  3. Set an intention for implementation
  4. Articulate the needs and wants of all stakeholders and list those in order of priority
  5. Get familiar with the platforms and determine whether your business is looking for an in house, hosted, or cloud solution and if it will require access and support for mobile or remote users
  6. Make sure to get references from your vendors – other companies they have worked with who will share their experience with implementation

Seeking out the Right ERP System

It's wise to seek advice of experienced consultants, especially if you do not have experience with system selection.  Professional guidance can help in many ways that could be unforeseen by an untrained eye.  For instance, there may be emotional or personal feelings involved which could possibly derail discussions of actual business requirements.  A trained ERP Consultant can help identify gaps or technical considerations where the in house personnel may overlook.  Even where you feel your in-house personnel have the knowledge and time to facilitate the system selection process, unbiased and knowledgeable input can be extremely beneficial to keeping the project focused, within budget and on schedule.

Now that you’ve got your selection team, follow this methodology to expedite system selection:

  1. See what vendor offerings are available for all systems under consideration
  2. Compare your selections to your list of  must/want items (from item #4 above)
  3. Consider technology alongside your current system’s architecture, policies or statement of direction
  4. Added functionality may include tools which aid in productivity (workflow, analytical tools)
  5. Look for training and implementation assistance provided by the vendor, either remotely or on site
  6. Statistics of other users may be relevant especially the number of installations which have been done and how long the vendor or software have been available
  7. Having narrowed down the potential systems, now is a good time to schedule demonstrations

Following these basics will prepare your company for the implementation stage of the system.

Mantralogix – ERP System Implementation Specialists

Mantralogix consultants are experts in ERP system selection and implementation. We can guide small to midsize businesses through requirements definition, selection, and implementation of the software solution that’s right for your particular needs. Leverage Mantralogix’ experience to provide true business value and a competitive advantage. We provide services for an extensive variety of businesses in many industries. Training and on-going support provide long-term value to our customers now and in the future.

Find out how the Mantralogix Advantage can be your competitive advantage. For us it’s personal, not just business.

As a trusted technology partner, Mantralogix delivers enterprise software solutions to both Canadian and U.S. businesses. We are happy to receive your inquires for any types of services which you are looking for and will focus on ensuring your requirements are met. Please call us at 1-866-320-8922 or email us.

About Mantralogix

Mantralogix specializes in the implementation, support, and training of world-class ERP solutions from Sage, including Sage ERP MAS 500, Sage 300 ERP (formerly Accpac), and Sage ERP X3, Sage PFW, and Sage BusinessVision Accounting (BV).  We also help with CRM, HRMS, custom development, hardware, and IT consulting and outsourcing. Mantralogix has in-house expertise in designing, developing and implementing solutions for financial, manufacturing and distribution verticals.  Contact us today at 866-320-8922 or visit www.mantralogix.com

Another version of this article was previously posted on Mantralogix’s Blog on December 30, 2015 ERP System Selection What to Look For

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