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Is Your Outdated ERP Software the Next Deflategate? 4 ERP Red Flags

Is Your Outdated ERP Software the Next Deflategate? 4 ERP Red Flags

ERP Software outdated4 Super Bowl Lessons: Should Your ERP Software be Flagged?

Now that the Super Bowl is over, it's a great time for a little "Monday morning quarterbacking." Seattle is enjoying warm sunshine while parts of New England are buried in snow along sub-zero temperatures, it seems the weather delivered a little payback from the big game.  Whether you are a Patriots fan or not, the scandal with “Deflategate” did raise questions over football regulations and who's responsible and who's not.  I thought it might be just the right time to take a similar look at your ERP software system and how it's working or not working, as may be the case. Let's review 4 "Super Bowl" reasons your ERP software should be flagged for losing yardage for your company's team.

4 Reasons Your Outdated ERP Software Gets Flagged


In football, if the team isn't on the same page of the playbook, your offense is going to stall. The same is true with your ERP Deflate-gate, having non-integrated software for your accounting, for your shop floor, and for your manufacturing processes is extremely inefficient.  You're likely duplicating processes, wasting valuable time, and worst of all, you may be losing customer service opportunities. If you're looking at "team substitutions" ensure your software ERP members communicate with each other on every play.


What happens when the quarterback isn't mobile? Often he's sacked for lost yardage.  Various studies show the generations under the age of 40 use their mobile device for nearly everything.  It's a mobile generation.  If your ERP doesn't offer a mobile component, your competition may be close to sacking you.  On your next ERP migration ensure your employees have the mobile tools to easily evade your competition.


A good kickoff or punt return may be the difference in a football game. In ERP deflate-gate, having data is good, but having analysis of that data is like having a great Special Team.  Digital Dashboards, customized "triggers" or alerts, and easy to customize reports are the keys to victory over your analysis void.  Your next ERP system shouldn't just offer one of these, but optionally should include ALL of them.  You won't need them every play, but you'll be glad when you can block that "punt."


Sometimes a team needs a coaching change to bring in a new perspective and new life to the players.  Ensure your ERP deflate-gate isn't the result of a person that won't change or thinks "we've always done it that way."  Life IS change and your competition actually hopes you like things the way they are.  Find an innovator in your company and put them on a "coaching" track.  They'll find out of the box ways to solve problems and might just be that lift you need for your "Super Bowl."

Yes, it's fun watching football, eating too much, and evaluating the commercials with the Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be doing some "Monday morning quarterbacking" when it comes your ERP system. Watch so your ERP software system isn't dragging you into a "deflategate" of your own.

If you still need clarification on what exactly is ERP software and how it can help your business – watch this brief 1:32 minute video: “What is ERP software

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Another version of this blog was previously posted on January 11, 2015 on CPA, Inc’s BLOG site: ERP Deflate-gate Has Your ERP Deflated Over Time?



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