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Make the Right ERP Software Selection and Feel the Love

Make the Right ERP Software Selection and Feel the Love

ERP_Software_Selection_CPA_IncERP Software Selection: 5 Ways ERP Can Love You Like Your Mom

Mother’s Day just passed and it spurred a thought…."Can your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system take care of you the way Mom did?  "Of course not! Your mom loves you unconditionally (and bakes you cookies)! But there are things your ERP software could be doing every day to make your life better.   If you are are stuck using outdated software to run your business you are probably not feeling much love from your ERP software.  If you are going through an ERP software selection process, here are 5 things to look out for to make sure your new ERP system could mother your company and help it grow.

How Your ERP Software Solution is like Motherly Love

1.  Working 24 x 7

They say a mother’s work is never done, the same can hold true for your ERP.  Leveraging your ERP’s automated processes, such as initiating reports, customer statements or alerts of payments with discounts due, your ERP system can work around the clock! This will allow your company to focus on building your business, not mundane tasks.

2. Saving Your Pennies for a Rainy Day

Remember taping together your favorite toy that kept breaking?  After a while, you get so used to the tape that you forget it is there.  The rainy day has come! It is a proven fact that efficiency of time and process can convert into hard cold cash. This would be particularly true when replacing software more than 10 years old. It could even be a security issue if your company accepts credit cards via your accounting system. Sometimes ERP ROI can be difficult to quantify, but efficiency and time savings allows you to focus on revenue generation, not limping along. 

3.  Making Your Scrapes All Better

When you would skin your knee or your elbow, Mom was right there to help the hurt go away. Add on products like Avalera's Sales Tax Software helps your ERP to react to painful items such as sales tax audits or compliance requests from your state government.

4.  Helping You With Your Homework

If you were struggling with a homework assignment, Mom would sit down with you to ease you through it. Your Motherly ERP should be no different. When you're working on a presentation and need reports in different formats, your ERP software should easily export your information to Excel, PDF, or other needed layouts.

5.  Making Your Mom Proud

Handmade art or an "A" on your report card would always make your Mom beam. The same could occur with your company board of directors or CEO. A modern ERP system will allow visibility into your business processes like never before. Dashboards, Personalization Options, and numerous reporting tools such as BizNet Software allow to “slice & dice” better than the Vegimatic of old.  What Mom wouldn’t be proud of that?

If you’re fortunate enough to still have your Mom, give her a call and thank her for taking such good care of you all those years. Then, critically look at your current ERP system and ask yourself is your ERP taking care of you or are you spending time taking care of your ERP?  If you need help, give us a call.

If you need any clarification on what exactly is ERP software and how it can help your business – watch this brief 1:32 minute video: “What is ERP software


Complete Programmed Accounting, Inc. (CPA, Inc.), is a team of ERP software and CRM software integration specialists in the central Indiana area with over 20 years of experience supporting SYSPRO ERP, SYSPRO CRM, TRAVERSE ERP, TRAVERSE CRM, Platinum for DOS, and Platinum for Windows, where your support is our service.

CPA, Inc. was founded in 1992 with the following mission statement: “The ability to take advantage of the power of timely information lies in the successful implementation of complete, appropriately configured and properly installed financial and management computer systems.”

Contact Completed Programmed Accounting at: (317) 290-8702.  Email: The Complete Programmed Accounting Web site is located at:

Follow Complete Programmed Accounting, Inc. on: May 17, 2015 on CPA, Inc.’s BLOG site.  "Motherly ERP"

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