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How Happy Are You with Your Sage 300 ERP Software?

How Happy Are You with Your Sage 300 ERP Software?

Rate Your Sage 300 ERP Software on a Scale of 1 to 10

sage300erp.jpgImagine you just got a yearly survey, where you were asked, how content have you been with the performance of your Sage 300 ERP software over the last year? What would you say? Are you somewhere between an 8 – 10? If not, do you know what it would take to get you to an 8-10? What is keeping you from implementing those changes? The fix may be something as simple as implementing a third-party plug-in or automating a manual process. 

At Front Line Systems, we often talk to Sage 300 clients who are unhappy with the support they are getting from their existing Sage 300 business partner. They are either looking to change their Sage 300 consultant / business partner or considering a move to a new ERP system. Are you in that boat? If yes, please keep reading.Here are a few steps you can take before you completely give up on your financial investment in your Sage 300 system.

Contact Your Sage 300 ERP Software Business Partner

We understand the pain of working with an ERP system that is consistently performing below your expectations. Contact a Sage 300 software business partner to discover any unused or overlooked features in your Sage 300 ERP software. There are several cost-effective plug-ins and/or ways you could connect your separate business systems (integration), automate your manual “time-consuming” processes and convert your business data into meaningful information (Reporting/BI).

General Business Issues:

  • What information would help you make better decisions? Specifically, decisions that affect your revenue, expenses or cash flow?
  • What functions or processes could be changed to become significantly more efficient?
  • What features have been requested by customers, employees or other stakeholders that are not available today?
  • What could help you increase sales, decrease cost, improve customer service, and improve employee effectiveness?


  • Are you using your Sage ERP software to your best advantage? What is causing concern or frustration? 
  • What could be improved through training, reporting, new features?
  • Is your current Sage 300 software supported by a qualified service provider?
  • Are you exposing your business to unnecessary expense and risk of disruption by using obsolete or outdated software that is no longer supported by the software publisher, that could fail and have to be replaced in crisis mode ($$$$) or with loss of data?
  • What tasks or activities are performed outside the system with Excel reports, stand-alone systems, hand written forms or post-it notes that we may be able to automate or integrate?
  • What other processing or information retrieval bottlenecks exist that could possibly be remedied through better deployment of software?
  • Are data security and user permissions configured for best protection of your confidential information?


  • Are computer servers, workstations and networks up to date and working well? 
  • What software/hardware purchases are planned or being considered for the upcoming year?  How will this affect your software deployment?
  • Is your data backup process working well to protect you from system failure or physical damage?
  • Are you adequately protected from software viruses and malicious software that is hidden in email or lurking on the internet?
Here are a few examples of how existing Sage 300 clients are getting the most benefit out of their Sage 300 system:

“The Front Line Systems team has provided us the business technology support we needed to grow our business from one location and $2 million in annual sales to multiple locations, $15 million in annual sales, and a lot more products,” says Royce Keehr, Core Products Chief Financial Officer. Read more

Jennifer Blanchard says, “I really appreciate Front Line Systems ability to take the concepts that I need and design a program that will work to our specifications.” Jennifer also appreciates Front Line Systems prompt responsiveness and delivery when Geissler’s employees need to make urgent modifications to their business technology systems.Read more

We have worked with other Sage technical service providers, and without question Front Line Systems is the most knowledgeable on the in-depth working matrix of Sage ERP software and supporting cost accounting software. Leo Sims, VP Manufacturing / SA, Nebraska Plastics, Inc. Read more

Next Steps:

Is your Sage 300 software operating at peak performance? Would you like to know how you can get the greatest ROI on your financial investment? Contact Front Line Systems at 866-435-0243 or visit us at to get started.

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About Front Line Systems

Front Line Systems is a business technology consulting firm, with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are dedicated to helping businesses solve their accounting, manufacturing and warehouse concerns. We believe that your business has an amazing capacity for innovation and growth and that technology can help get you there.

Front Line Systems is a Sage 300 software provider that solves problems and creates solutions for the life of your business. We provide ERP Consulting, Warehouse Management Consulting and CRM Consulting Services in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Connecticut (New England) and serve clients across the US. Contact us at 866-435-0243 or visit us at today.
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