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Drive Net Profit Using Sage 100 ERP Data

Drive Net Profit Using Sage 100 ERP Data


Exclusive Webinar

Title:  Drive Net Profit Using Sage 100 ERP Data

Date:  Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time:  10 AM PT / 1 PM ET 

Presented by:

Accounting Software Consulting Group Webinar Banner 

Drive Net Profit by ranking your customers by net profit contribution

Our webinar will teach you the following 3 key business processes that drive net profit:

  1. How to recognize your most profitable customers. 
  2. How to allocate company resources to best address the needs of your most profitable customers.
  3. How recognizing your most profitable customers and how properly allocating company resources positively affects your bottom line.

If you want to drive net profit improvement through the organization, then everyone needs to become part of the mission. By understanding who our most profitable customers are, the sales teams can make better decisions on how to allocate company resources. They don’t have the authority to allocate company resources? When a customer requests an item that needs to be transferred in from another location, the order taker is about to make a decision. The outcome of that decision can directly affect your bottom line. Is this customer worthy of the transfer? Are they a positive contributor to the bottom line, or do they string us out on payment? Chances are we have not armed our order taker with the customer information necessary to make a good netprofit decision.

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Shipping Software Warehouse Management Software 

Distributors tend to utilize only a fraction of their distribution software packages. Understanding the reporting capabilities and manipulating data can increase your return on this substantial investment. The customer profitability analysis report is simply a spreadsheet using data that your system captures on a daily basis. The magic occurs when you share the data with, and develop policies for, your front line decision makers.

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