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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Offers Flexible Pricing Options to Get Started

Written by Greg Miles on Jan 31, 2018 12:23:00 PM

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 pricingFlexible Pricing Helps Make Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Affordable for Small and Midsized Businesses

Are you a small or midsized business outgrowing QuickBooks or an outdated system? You may think a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is out of reach. While your company may be small, you may have complex business processes or requirements that an ERP system will be able to handle today and well into the future.

Microsoft has earned the reputation over the past 30 years of producing leading ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 with a longstanding commitment to making significant improvements with every release. The key to Microsoft’s success is that their development goals are prioritized based on the feedback from companies who rely on their systems every day.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is an attractive option for growing SMB companies because it has robust functionality and is also quick to implement. It’s a great investment because you will benefit early from the upgrade, it’s easy to use so your adoption will be high and it has the power to support your business ambitions. This latest ERP solution offers significant enhancements to the core application, as well as deeper integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft Applications. Furthermore, employees are empowered to respond to changing business needs through greater intelligence insights which can be accessed on any mobile device.

4 Pricing Options with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 has a simple licensing model to fit your business requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 pricing offers both Perpetual and Service Provider’s Subscription Licensing options. Also, customers can choose from NAV’s Starter Pack or Extended Pack options for ERP System functionality.

  1. Perpetual Licensing - Perpetual Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to help small and midsize businesses get started with an affordable upfront starting price, rapid start tools and built-in functionality. With Microsoft Dynamics Perpetual Licensing, customers license the ERP Solution functionality, and access to that functionality is secured by licensed users.
  2. Service Provider’s Subscription Licensing - Service provider ’s Subscription Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is designed to help keep the upfront cost to a minimum through a “per user per month” licensing fee. This helps small and midsize businesses get started with a low initial cost while leveraging the built-in functionality and rapid start tools.
  3. Starter Pack - The Starter Pack in NAV 2018 is for companies who need core financials and trade functionality: Including; Basic Financials Management (General Ledger and Fixed Assets); Basic Supply Chain Management and Basic Sales Management (Sales, Purchasing and Inventory); Professional Services (Project management) with a broad set of Business Insight and reporting functionality as an integral part of the product. Additionally, the Starter Pack comes with a wide range of tools to customize the solution, to meet the needs of every customer together with deep integration opportunities to be made through web services.
  4. Extended Pack - The Extended Pack is for growing, mid-market, or high-functional-needs companies who are looking for an adaptive solution with a broad set of functionalities: including Warehousing, and Manufacturing. It comes with additional customization objects for doing more extensive customization.

The new licensing models are designed to simplify the purchase process. Customers have the choice of two concurrent-user types, Limited User (Full Read, Limited Write) and Full User (Full Ready, Full Write), and the option to give those users access to advanced functionality through the “Extended Pack”.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Pricing

Download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Product Guide

Posted by iCepts Technology Group-A Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner

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