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Update Microsoft Dynamics SL Chart of Accounts with KeyChange

Written by Sandi Forman on Jan 17, 2017 11:11:14 AM

When you first set up your chart of accounts in Microsoft Dynamics SL, you probably considered a number of factors such as the nature of your business and your company structure, the preferences of your decision makers, and the need to conform to legislation and accounting rules.  The way you set up your Microsoft Dynamics SL chart of accounts has a significant impact on month-end, year-end, and regulatory reporting; ease of financial and operational analysis; and trend analysis and projections for decision making.  Over time, the environment in which you do business has evolved. But your chart of accounts is stagnant—your accounting infrastructure has become further and further away from your changing business environment.  You find yourself extracting data from your Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP and dumping into Excel where you manually re-state, re-calculate, and re-aggregate the data to match your current needs.

nexvue-presentation-template-new-2 thumbnail-1.jpgYou need KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL. 

KeyChange enables you to update your Microsoft Dynamics SL chart of accounts to match your business needs.  KeyChange lets you easily change the numbering system in your chart of accounts, merge related accounts, and delete obsolete or ambiguous accounts without losing the associated history for each account.  In fact, KeyChange lets you change or update 40 keys fields in Microsoft Dynamics SL while maintaining the history—change customer IDs and vendor IDs, update your project and task numbering system, optimize inventory tracking. 

KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL can also help you simplify your reporting.  From small changes to reformatting your entire account numbering scheme, updating your chart of accounts will increase the accuracy of your reporting and make it easier to understand your business.  Since KeyChange enables you to make needed changes without losing history, your historical and forecasted year-over-year comparisons will be accurate without manually restating for the changes.

Use KeyChange to improve customer support by combining duplicate customer IDs or eliminating those that were set up in error, giving you a simplified and clearer view of your customers and allowing you to serve them better.  KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL lets you re-align inventory product lines to match today’s business needs, improving inventory analysis and providing richer, more relevant data for operating decisions.  Make project management more efficient and effective by updating project and task accounting to reflect the current business environment.

When you implemented Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP, you probably took great care to ensure that your accounting structure fit your organization and that tracking, reporting, and analysis would be as easy as possible.  But since then, two things may have taken place.  One, your business and the world in which you operate has probably changed. And two, you may have learned more since you set up SL.  Knowing what you know now, if you were setting it up your accounting system today, would you set it up the same way?  KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL can help you get your accounting and reporting structure back to the optimal structure for your company and the people who run it.

Take a look at this short video to see KeyChange in action or read the KeyChange product sheet to learn more and to see what Microsoft Dynamics SL fields KeyChange can update while retaining the full account history.  You can contact the makers of KeyChange for Microsoft Dynamics SL at or 203.327.0800 for more information or to order KeyChange.  This month, your KeyChange Standard order can be upgraded to KeyChange Advanced for no additional charge.  Call us at 203.327.0800 today.

by Sandi Richards Forman, NexVue Information Systems

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