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Enable Growth with a Sage 100 Migration

Enable Growth with a Sage 100 Migration

5 Ways to Grow Your Company with a Sage 100 Migration

It's odd to think about success as a problem, but the truth is that ensuring your long-term ability to maintain intelligent sustainable growth must be managed proactively and systematically. Successful growth is hindered when companies fail to invest in the tools to achieve the visibility and functionality necessary to grow predictably. Sage 100cloud is designed to help your business manage growth expectations and mitigate obstacles to success. Here are the 5 essential benefits of a Sage 100cloud migration for growing businesses.

Growth without Growing Pains

As your business grows, it's common for processes that worked in the early stages to become real issues at scale. Without the proper automation in place, companies inevitably add manual processes, multitudes of spreadsheets, and dozens of bolt-on solutions to tame their financial and operational processes. Inevitably, the lack of integration between these processes becomes another problem and may require weeks of aggregating and checking data from various sources.

Successful companies get in front of this issue and proactively invest in a better ERP. It's easier to improve before the problems get too numerous and severe. In extreme cases, your managers may become so skeptical of the data, they rely on their gut instinct alone—leading to poor outcomes and lost opportunities.

This is why your growing business needs to consider a solution that provides access to reliable information that they can filter and analyze easily because it's no longer stuck in a black hole or in a silo. Now, your employees won't be required to waste time on administrative tasks and can spend their time in ways that help the company and customers.

Essentials for Business Growth

You don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to planning for growth. Here are the five essential features and functions that a Sage 100cloud migration has enabled for companies that have successfully managed their growth:

1. Greater Visibility

You'll need full visibility which means allowing the right people to access the right data at the right time. Data entry rules enforce the internal controls that lead to trusted data. And with dashboards as well as the ability to perform dynamic data analysis on demand, your decision-makers can see the patterns and trends that signal an opportunity to leverage which is often obfuscated in a static spreadsheet.

2. Increased Collaboration

The ability to collaborate as a team in your system of record is increasingly a must-have. With team members on the road, in their homes, and in the office, it's critical to provide user-friendly external and internal communication features. Many companies have reduced costs while improving inventory accuracy and customer service. NewGen offers an integration with Office 365 making it simple to provide mobile data to your sales teams and access to update customer and vendor details while on the road.

3. Anywhere Connectivity

With Sage 100cloud you get a solution that can be easily tailored to meet your unique needs today, and that can be securely extended through integrations with cloud-native applications. This means you can achieve both the benefits of the cloud and the feature richness, customization, and security of an on-premise solution. As your company grows, your ERP becomes the hub of all your disparate systems, and your singular source of data, with secured access because of cloud connectivity.

4. Better Forecasting

Your forecasting is only ever as good as the data you include in the analysis. And when your data is sourced from dozens of systems and sources, it can become impossible to roll up data centrally or even close the books in a timely time frame. Instead, utilize a comprehensive ERP solution to provide the analysis that allows you to accurately predict demand, optimize inventory and be better at budgeting and planning.

5. More Agility

Too often, we've seen companies move their old problems over to their new system. And when the business decides to or is forced to pivot once again, they revert back to manual processes, their own spreadsheets, and gut decision-making because their new system is built for their old ways. Be like successful companies and get an ERP solution that’s flexible enough to support business change. The ideal ERP should be agile and full-featured enough to fit the unique needs of your industry, remain nimble in the face of opportunity, and easily integrate with third-party and cloud-based solutions. As well, when it's time to bring on new solutions, you can choose what's best for you because you can connect to Sage 100cloud, which is purpose-built for those integrations.

Partner with Experts

It’s time to tame your business processes if you need to achieve profitable, sustainable growth. Your shortest path to success is an experienced team that has walked this road before. We work with your business process owners to ensure the new ERP system design matches your core business processes. We take a balanced approach that aligns best practices in your industry while respecting there are some unique things you need to do your way to be successful.

NewGen implementation best practices include: 

  • General Configuration
  • Custom Workflow Design
  • Data Conversion
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • End-User Training and Testing

Why NewGen? Our Sage 100 Consultants Know ERP

As an award-winning and authorized reseller, NewGen can help you determine if Sage 100cloud is the right fit for your business.

  • Delivering outstanding service for over 25 years
  • Trusted advisor to over 300 organizations
  • Full-service staff with experience in your industry
  • Staff with official Sage certifications
  • Serves businesses both large and small
  • Recognized and awarded leader in system support

For questions on functionality or to receive a custom quote, please reach out and we’ll connect you to a NewGen ERP professional.

Contact NewGen Today!

We help you get from "How Do We Do That?" To "What's Next?"


Please visit our Sage 100cloud consultant service locations listed on ERPVAR's directory:

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